Gemini and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

gemini sagittarius compatibility

Now this is unequivocally not only interesting – it is all the more intricate to comprehend in one go. Try and envision it as being the case where the law of like poles attracting come into play – with the undoubted end game that this will never get to transpire no matter the case. So, what really makes this combination the kind that really confuses?

Gemini and Sagittarius – Personality At A Glance

As usual, Gemini is always trying out new things and never ceases their mischievous nature. Along these lines, it is also worth to note that this sign always loves variety, in the sense that it really is hard to keep them on check, if you are boring or not meeting their standards. They are ready to mingle with another sign which will give them the best that they think they deserve.

Now as for the Sagittarius, these are always curious as well as adventure loving. The main difference in this case is that they love to take things step by step and are patient. They love to fully understand whatever it is that they are dealing with before they actually get to fully commit to it. Along these lines, it is also worth noting that a Sagittarius values their personal freedom and space more than anything.

Gemini Man With Sagittarius Woman

Now that you are familiar with the personality of each sign, it is clear what is most likely to go down if this combination is to be considered. For starters, the Sagittarius will always frustrate their male Gemini in the sense that they are always at their beck and call. There is not enough personal space for the Gemini man, owing to the curious nature of the Sagittarius lover.

Think of it this way, while the male Gemini loves fun and trying out newer things, the female counterpart will always want to know what their lover is up to. Trying as much as they can to fit into that personal space. This is ideally frustrating in the sense that the male counterpart will have no freedom whatsoever – they will slowly shrivel due to lack of enough breathing room.

Sagittarius Man With Gemini Woman

The issue here will simply dwell on the basis of personal opinion. What this means is that the opinionated and somewhat cautious Sagittarius man will find himself very confused by the somewhat reckless and jumpy nature of their female counterpart. For this matter, the latter feels that their mate is asking for more than she can possibly deliver. What is needed here is compromise for each other.

So What?

Clearly, this sexual compatibility will never work perfectly unless each party is ready and willing to compromise the other. The fact that either is always curious and wanting to know more about the other may be beneficial in closing the sexual compatibility gap which exists as it is. In a nutshell, the only way this may work is if they learn to understand each other and again – be ready to make compromise!

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