Gemini and Scorpio – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility

Nature at times has a way of bring the perfect of signs tether. The only problem is that this also comes at a price. The price that though things may seem to be perfect, well, they will never be. It is for this matter that these two signs, though somewhat perfect for each other, the odds are not in their favor. So, what really makes this the case? Well, find out here.

Gemini and Scorpio At A Glance

It is best to think of each sign individually so as to bring out a clear picture of how compatible the two are. The Gemini is always full of zeal and an intellectual thirst that needs to be filled. Along these lines, it is also important to know that the Gemini will always be looking to find where the fun and action never ends. If bored or something of the sort, these will move to look for what they want.

Now on the other hand, the Scorpio is the kind that loves mystery and are always emotional. They normally find emotional intimacy to be their drive in relationships. The end game with this is that these will look for nothing less than a committed sexual relationship. As a pointer, you also have to know that with Scorpio, the ability to know a perfect match and fight for them at first sight is their gifted features.

Gemini and Scorpio – First Date

If anything, either of these would most definitely pick the same date location. This is because, from the above, you can see that they are into one common thing – exploring unfamiliar territories. One thing to note here is that the Gemini mate has to be sure to make the right move, the first time. The rest will simply transpire if and only if Scorpio who is highly observant and keen follows suit.

So What Now?

It goes by not saying that these two are ideally sexually compatible. The fact that both of them are always looking to explore new options makes them the best combination for each other sexually. Being a physical and fun lover, Gemini will easily let Scorpio, who loves mystery and experimentation, try out new things that may give them both a good time.

One important thing to note however is that the explorative Gemini may soon come to feel that the passionate and committed nature of Scorpio to be an obsession. What? Yes, if it hasn’t occurred to you by now, one of the most amazing features of Scorpio is their passionate nature. From love at first sight to a complete obsession is what really defines this sign.

So, what is the endgame for this relationship? Normally, the possessive and obsessed Scorpio will try and make sure to fully own their lover. Needless to say, this may be unequivocally difficult in the sense that Gemini will feel somewhat suffocated in the relationship. Even though they form the ideal sexual compatibility, this may be the only weakness of their relationship – the over-loving Scorpio.

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