Gemini Sagittarius – Love, Nature and Sexual compatibility

gemini sagittarius compatibility

This is a typical case of opposites attracting each other. When a Gemini and a Sagittarius are in a relationship, the relationship will pass through period of high passion and even frustration at times. This is because both seem to feel they know each other well, but still they will lack on many fronts. Another things which is unfavourable in their relationship is that they both are not demonstrative despite having immense love and care for each other. They are supportive, caring, loving, generous towards each other but do not exhibit their feelings well.

On the positive side, no one can do things more effectively and elegantly than Gemini. However they do lack in concentration and focusing and this weakness is removed by the help of Sagittarians. So this union lasts as they love each other and are caring. Both Gemini and Sagittarius can plan well and help each other to execute it to the end. Both are fashionable, sociable and adaptable to all circumstances. Fond of socializing and having many more common traits, have little or no chance of separation, they even become obsessive when they feel that their relationship is being threatened.

The good things about this relationship is they enjoy life is full. Both love the opposite sex. No doubt Gemini flares up quickly which lasts for a short time but to him home life is more important than anything else. Gemini ladies do not interfere in their husbands’ matters unless asked for and are very adjustable in nature. They are intelligent, cannot tolerate any resentment by the partner. Similar is the case with husbands dominated by these signs.

Sexual Compatibility of Gemini and Sagittarius

Sexually a Gemini and Sagittarius are very intellectually stimulating pair. They will enjoy frequent dating which may be brief and not necessary long lasting, but satisfying and full of conversation and knowledge sharing. This is not necessary only while dating; a Gemini and Sagittarius can have endless talk and knowledge sharing even while in bed.

Gemini will be curious and mischievous and even pushy at times. Even in bed Gemini enjoy freedom to explore and do new things, they have a taste of adventure. The Sagittarius on the other hand is supportive and optimist. Both can communicate well and easily find answers to their problems.

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