Cancer and Capricorn – Love, Nature and Sexual compatibility

cancer and capricorn

This is a happy blending of attachment and detachment. Both like a quiet and domestic atmosphere. Such persons form an ideal relationship and have complementary natures. They are emotionally insecure, clinging to each other rather. Capricorns are not very demonstrative in their relationship but are slow and cautious. Capricorns are neither bold and rash and never take a lead. They take a long time to choose their partner and are undemonstrative in love and romance.

On the other hand Cancerians lead a monotonous life without romance, are loyal, sincere, and affectionate but lack in expressing their loyalty and sincerity to the partners, are honest and very true. They love their home and family life. A good parent and cares for the children.

You will find a Cancer and Capricorn to be sincere, loyal and devoted to their partners and form an ideal combination for marriage and friendship. They will not go in for conventional or unconventional relations or marriage but will have permanent ties.

They are difficult people to agree on something, but if they do they can accomplish much more than any other zodiac combination. These two a deep thinkers and when they bring their thoughts together they can do wonders. They are realistic and have a good grasp of their surroundings and environment and they do not get carried away. Their systematic approach to life and situations always put them in an advantage.

Their pairing may seem too much of a routine and seems boring, however this is incorrect as they both have strong connect to stimulate each other and keep their relationship interesting. They generally live life in high standard and like to be in big parties with influential people.

Sex between Cancer and a Capricorn is deeply sacred. Sex is religious rite and cheating is unthinkable. Initially before they know each other the sexual compatibility is poor. However as they give time to the relationship they know exactly what the partner wants and appreciate each other’s differences and teach each other as well.

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