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Name Alphabet as per Nakshatra

Traditionally families in India choose the baby’s name based upon the name alphabet and also focus on the meaning. Naming your child with the proper Name alphabet as per Janam Rashi and Janam Nakshatra is very important for the child’s growth and development. It enhances his/her luck and also creates a inner harmony.

There is a scientific reason as to why having a name appropriate to the name alphabet is very important. Contradicting to what Shakespeare one said that “What is in a Name”, the Vedic philosophy believes that the sound of the alphabet that comes as per the Rashi / Nakshatra enhances positive energy in the child. One thing you need to understand that the sound of the alphabet is important and not the spelling. Given below are few Hindu names which are based upon the respective Nakshatra and Charan.

Hindu name alphabet with Bharani Nakshatra and Pada 4 “Lo”

Hindi Name English Name Hindi Meaning English Meaning
लोकेश Lokesh समस्त संसार के प्रभु Lord of the world
लोकनाथ Loknath ब्रह्माण्ड के स्वामी Lord of the universe
लोहेन्द्र Lohendra तीनों लोकों के स्वामी Lord of three worlds
लोहित Lohit लाल, ताम्बे का बना हुआ, मंगल ग्रह Red, Made of Copper, Mars
लोकिता Lokita अभिज्ञात The enlightened one

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