Which Holiday Destination is Best for you as per your Zodiac sign

best holiday destinations

A vacation gives you the perfect opportunity to explore new terrain and to unwind by yourself or in the company of family and friends.  Your preferred holiday may be a languid beach side vacation, you may choose to spend your vacation time in the heart of nature or a destination that includes hitting trendy nightclubs and offers an excellent shopping experience may be just what you need. While your holiday choices are your personal choice, there is a belief that your zodiac sign is also a factor that determines what type of a holiday is a pleasurable one for you. Every Zodiac sign enjoys a certain type of holiday much more than the other star signs do. Detailed below are holidays that make for memorable vacations for each zodiac sign.

Which Holiday Destination is Best for you as per your Zodiac sign


Being a fire sign, Arians are explorers who delight in vacations that offer an element of high adventure and matchless excitement. An Arian is game for living in a tent by a river in Africa or finds the idea of travelling to remote areas of Mongolia exciting.  Exploring ancient architecture in Vietnam or going into the very heart of Africa for an African safari is the kind of experiences that keeps an Aries engaged and entertained when on a vacation.


The star sign Taurus is a sign that relishes comforts and enjoys high living. When it is vacation time a Taurus will look for destinations that are modern, chic and offer superlative comforts. A Taurus will head to places that have top-notch hotels and luxurious spas. Europe makes the perfect get-away destination for a Taurus for this very reason. Be it Paris, Rome or Milan, Taurians will enjoy visiting the world-renowned museums and shopping at the haute couture stores.


Planning a holiday to the very last detail will leave a Gemini cold. What a Gemini is looking for is an improvised holiday and the excitement of not knowing what comes next. For someone from this sun sign, a beach side holiday is as much fun as a vacation spent relaxing in an isolated, scenic place. Norway is an ideal holiday spot for a Gemini, as much as Australia or New Zealand is.


While a Cancerian may be shy and reserved in his or her everyday life, when on vacation, a Cancer looks to meet exciting people and make new friends.  A holiday that gives Cancerians endless opportunities to socialize and mix with people is a holiday of choice. A travel destination with several night clubs gives someone from these star sign endless opportunities to meet locals and others on holiday. Going to the Bahamas, the French Rivera or a beach in Morocco will be a delightful holiday for a Cancerian.


For a Leo, an eventful holiday is as enjoyable as a lazy vacation by the beachside is. When choosing a holiday destination, a Leo may choose a destination that offers a completely different experience from their previous vacation. A Leo also has a taste for the finer things in life, a destination with trendy night-spots and up-scale restaurants are vacation experiences that a Leo looks for. San Francisco, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin are places that feature frequently on a Leo’s holiday list.


Exploring old-world architecture and visiting exotic lands is the kind of holiday experience a Virgo seeks. A travel destination that is choc-full of museums, antique shops, quaint book stores and those that offer glimpses into the place’s history is the type of holiday that a Virgo looks for. Planning a trip to Egypt or unwinding in scenically magnificent Greece are holiday spots that are ideal for someone from this sun sign.


Being in stylish, beautiful settings is pleasing to someone from the Libra star sign. A Libran will never sacrifice comfort and beauty for the joys of exploration. A vacation to an urbane, fashionable location will be what a Libran will choose each time it is holiday time. Heading to Monaco to sip champagne while drinking in breathtaking sights, skiing in the splendid beauty of the Alps or visiting Vienna are choices a Libra will find hard to resist.


A Scorpio can be extremely sociable and yet again, at times, someone from this zodiac sign may seek out solitude and tranquility. For this reason, a Scorpio may find myriad holiday experiences equally enjoyable. A scorpion may enjoy a vacation to Italy to sample culinary delights, may have an incredible time by the beach in Jamaica or may retreat to a remote location in Romania, Ireland or Norway to relax and de-stress.


For a Sagittarius, travelling long distance to get to his or her destination of choice is what adds to the fun and adventure of embarking on a holiday. A Sagittarian will enjoy travelling to China, will plan meticulously to have a marvelous holiday in Peru or will choose a glacial location like Alaska to make their vacation a remarkable one.


Partaking of the local culture and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences feature on a Capricorn’s holiday wish-list. Visiting Mexico, travelling to Guatemala or heading to far-flung, isolated locations in Africa are the type of travel choices a Capricorn is likely to make. Mixing with the locals, living the local culture and buying local produce are for a Capricorn a preferred holiday experience.


Getting to the beach is what plays on an Aquarius’s mind when it is time to holiday. Lolling on a sun-kissed beach in Spain, spending endless hours by the beachside in Brazil or other sunny, popular beach destinations like Jamaica or Barbados are irresistibly attractive to someone from the Aquarius zodiac sign.


A Piscean will experiment with the unknown in search of novel experiences. Be it for a romantic escapade or for an extended holiday with friends, a Pisces may choose a place that is secluded and scenically glorious.  Exploring Scotland, travelling to Wales and vacation spots like Sweden are ideal holiday destinations for a Pisces.

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