Amazing tips on how to stay happy and positive in life

stay happy and positive

You wake up in the morning and stressed about the endless amount of work ahead of you. You head to complete your daily routine. You ignore the new day, the Sunrise and the chirping of the birds, having no time for all these things. You feel it is one of those very days when the universe is conspiring against you. You have nothing great to feel happy about. There is no excitement too great in your life that you should be happy. You are not even grateful and cheerful that you are alive and blessed that you are seeing another beautiful day.

If you do not find the day beautiful that is not anyone’s problem, it is solely your making that you have reached a level where you do not appreciate all those beautiful things around you. You are stressed and unhappy because of your own creation. I have highlighted some ways which are the reasons for your mental state. By following these you can create important changes to your mind and your surroundings, which would remove the negativity and help you regain positivity.

  1. Avoid Comparison with others:

Thanks to social media we are living in the world of instant information, we have lots of information waiting to be accessed by the tap of our fingertips. You can know how much fun your friends were having at the bar last night. You can know who your friends are dating or expensive restaurant they were dining. We all like to share and maybe show off a little bit. The important thing to remember is that individuals seldom share negative aspects of their lives. It is human nature to get wrapped up in glamorous things others are doing that we forget that many times these are exaggerations. Generally people post what they want others to see and ignore what they themselves dislike. By seeing others we can curate a glamorized profile of exactly who we want to be. This can be scary as you constantly try to keep with something that is unreal.

  1. Progress is Perfection:

We need to know that nobody’s perfect. It is more about the journey than the destination. Whenever we set our goals, it can be career related or even something like losing weight, it can be extremely frustrating when we do not get the desired results. The reason is that you have a idealized image of what you want so strongly at the back of your mind, that keeps haunting you as you do not get expected results. Do not let this put your morale down. The important thing is the growth and the things you have been able to achieve. Your ultimate goals may be far away, but every time you look at your achievements, you will be happy with yourself.  Recognize how far you have come and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. See how you can do better.

  1. Love yourself for what you are:

The world is very large, we are more than 7 billion on this planet. In the world so large you will feel insignificant and small. However you need to remember that despite so many people, there is no other you in this world.

So, think about it, you are the one in seven billion people. Don’t you feel that you are truly special? There is no one like you or will ever be you. You are unique and that makes you extra special. You need to recognize how awesome you are. Once we are able to establish that we can control the way we look at others and ourselves. Don’t you think you need to give a star to yourself daily? You need to recognize that you play a much larger role in others life than you may know. To them you are the brightest and best thing in this world. Therefore keep being the unique and special person the way you can.

  1. Accept the things you cannot change:

One of the most irritating things in life is to deal with something that is out of our control. It can be hard to accept things as they are, especially when you may want something totally different. It can bring a feeling of disgust, but it is important to recognize that when there are things on which you have little or no control, stressing over it is a waste of time and energy. This wise things would be to put your energy in areas of your life where you have control. You should remember that Pain x Resistance = Suffering.

Fighting or resisting the reality of pain brings suffering.


  1. Whatever happens happens for the good.”

If you are the type A personality who is more outgoing, competitive, ambitious impatient and aggressive, then when things go wrong it may turn out to be a big disaster for you. You should take time and think about all of the times in your life when something unexpected actually led to something great. Remember that being more open to change and forgiving flaws and mistakes will allow us to see the hidden blessings and take advantage of hidden opportunities.

  1. Keep your head up and heart open.

During those difficult days when life seems like burden, the last thing you can do is force a smile on your face. However, you should remember that whatever terrible may be going on will eventually pass. It is up to you to keep going and allowing all of the other good things in your life. Everyone sometimes have to pass through those days when life becomes difficult, these are testing times but things do get better if we take a little perspective and a deep breath. By keeping a head up and heart open it will all start to look better much sooner than you may anticipate.

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