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The world is full of fraudulent people, and a person in trouble is their easiest target. Psychic reading is an art where experts can make a lot of money by using their spiritual powers. That is the thing that attracts a fraud person to make tonnes of money by preying on desperate, depressed people. With tricks, it is straightforward for a person to pretend to have clairvoyant abilities and extract money from their client in favor of their services. These fake psychics use general thinking of a distressed person that correlates with anyone and use it as a tool to convince them that they are psychics with real abilities and have supernatural powers to solve your issues.

Those general opinions that worry a person can be- “Although you are liked by all sometimes you start doubting your capabilities. You start questioning all your decisions if you fail once. People say that you have a lot of potentials and you are not making use of it. You are independent, but some restrictions in your life make you uncomfortable.”

A person who is prone to doubting himself/herself is the right target of fake psychics.

Here are a few tricks that unethical psychics use to convince you that they are real psychic mediums

  1. The Art of Cold reading

Cold reading is a classic trick used by “psychics” that is crafted carefully to give a vague opinion to many different people that they all think it is about them. It is similar to The Barnum effect in psychology, which refers to the gullibility of people when they read individual descriptions about themselves, and all of them feel that it matches their personality.

The trick includes the following description –

  • You are a talented person, but you haven’t used any of it yet
  • You are in great need of admiration
  • You are a disciplined and self-controlled person from the outside, but from the inside, you have some insecurities
  • You are too critical of yourself.
  • Although you have done great for yourself yet, you sometimes doubt the decisions you have made for your personal life.

For most of their description, they try to show you your positive side, sprinkling a little bit of negativity to make it believable. It’s the most common trick played by unethical psychics. They can make you believe that they have nature’s forces that can read minds and can access insights into your life.

  1. Trick to Extract Important Information from the Client

A person visiting a psychic goes there willingly and is ready to share information. The psychics use their vulnerability to extract data from them so that it seems to them that the psychic can know your past. If you agree with them, it’s a win-win situation for them. They can give you the impression of a connection with the spiritual world by giving you incomplete information, and you might provide some info in return that they use as a tool to fool you. As the session comes to an end, the client has given them a lot of important information that they can use in further meetings.

  1. Convince At Least One in a Group with Vague Description                       

It is effortless to pull off in a large gathering where saying vague things can match one. You can notice that these guys often claim to see a figure that corresponds with one of the people who died recently, which relates to one of the audience members who agree with them. It is easy to tell a wife that the cause of a problem in your marriage is a female with a widespread description. As soon as they appear to be confirmed once, people will start believing in them.

  1. Saying Vague Things Help Them Cover up Their Lie 

It might happen most of the time that the information told by the psychic does not match with your past and is not related to you at all. Like if they make a statement that you are going to make your life’s most significant decision and you tell that nothing of that sort is happening, they try to cover up by saying things that you might have taken that decision in your past when something big happened. Or they may claim to have connected with your dead father, and you tell that he is alive, they cover up by saying that spoke to someone very close to your father.

They play the same trick with everyone, and if it matches with at least one of the clients, they convince them about their powers and ability to have a spiritual connection.

  1. They Wait For The Subtle Reactions That Reveal Major Details about You

A lot of people visiting a psychic reveal a lot of information to them without even asked. This happens because the psychics talk very slowly and take long pauses. They do it to show that they are trying to connect with supernatural power. These long pauses make the client anxious, and they fill the gaps by telling them the information they needed to fool you. For example, when a psychic is giving you information about your dad, and you jump in to know that it was not your dad but your uncle, that moment you provided the information about your uncle, which they can use to influence you that they know a lot about you. The simple statement, like your body language, facial expression, and other subtle signs by you, helps the psychic to make you believe they are on the right track.

Are You Looking For A Genuine and real Psychic Reader?

If you are trying to consult a psychic reader to get an insight into your problem and find the right direction, try to do a background check of the psychic. Research on their work and look for reviews and testimonials available on websites. Do not let them fool you and take advantage of your problems. They do not care about you. All they want is to make money by making false claims. Beware of such psychics and report if you find one. For more information about psychic reading, you may visit:

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