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intercaste marriage horoscope

Intercaste Love Marriage Horoscope Analysis

Intercaste Marriage Meaning

Meaning of Inter caste marriage is marriage between two people belonging to same religion but different caste is called inter-caste marriage.  A Marriage between a Kayastha and a Shudra or between a Brahmin and a Vaishya is called a inter-caste marriage. A marriage between two people of different races are called inter racial marriage. A marriage between a native from Kerala and Punjabi is called a inter racial marriage. This kind of marriage maybe within the same religion.

Inter Religious Marriage

Marriage between two people belonging to different religion is called inter-religious marriage. A marriage between a Hindu and a Christian or a Muslim and a Hindu, or a Christian and Muslim comes in this category.

Intercaste Love Marriage Problems

India is a diverse country with different languages,  food, cultures and traditions. Many elders are not comfortable with their children going for a Inter Caste Marriage. Their children are holding modern views and do not bother about customs and traditions when it comes to choosing a life partner and are more comfortable with having a partner which has similar likes and dislikes, irrespective of caste, race and creed. Vedic Astrology horoscopes can tell us very easily if yoga for Inter caste marriage is there in the natives horoscopes. It can also tell us the likelihood of such a marriage.

Inter caste Marriage Astrology

The 7th house is the house of spouse , marriage and marital life.  The 7th house, its lord and planet Venus represent wife in a male horoscope. While a 7th house, 7th lord and Jupiter represent husband in a female horoscope. The 2nd house and its lord represent extension of family. The 9th house and the 5th house signify the religion and customs. If these houses and their lord are afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Mars the native will marry outside its caste and can be outside of religion also.  As Jupiter is the significator of religion and if there is strong affliction to Jupiter, the native will change religion after marriage.

There are many planetary combinations in a horoscope which can bring inter caste marriages, some of which are given below:

  1. Venus and Rahu in 6th and 11th
  2. When there is Rahu aspect on the 7th house and its lord.
  3. Moon and Mars in the inauspicious 6 -8 position.
  4. Mars and Venus in 2-12 position.
  5. 7th lord conjoined Mars and there is aspect of Rahu.
  6. 7th lord is conjoined with Saturn in the 12th house of the horoscope.
  7. Malefic aspect 7th house, its lord and Jupiter.

Birth Chart Analysis:  Inter caste Love Marriage

Below if a horoscope of a native who had Inter caste Love Marriage against the wishes of Parents.

intercaste love marriage horoscope

Aquarius is the 7th house lord and is a natural malefic and retrograde in the horoscope. Saturn not only is a malefic but has aspect of Rahu, which is debilitated in the Navamsha chart. The second house which is for extension of family has aspect of Mars and Rahu. 5th house is for romance and 5th lord Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu in the 8th house. 5th house also has aspect of Mars. The second house lord Mercury has aspect of Saturn and Ketu. Therefore we can see that the second house and its lord and 7th house and its lord, which are the prime significator of marriage are severely afflicted. 5th lord Jupiter conjoined with Rahu gave the native love marriage. The native did not bother about customs and traditions and did a inter caste marriage.

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  1. Is that love marriage sir
    I’m in love with one person

  2. Is that love marriage sir?
    I’m in love with one person

  3. Whomsoever you marry, you have to start loving him as soon as the date of marriage is finalised. Is it not so? So every marriage is a love marriage arranged by intermediaries.

  4. Priyanka Bhowmick

    sir I am 26 years old. I have been finding a life partner for 2 years but till now I don’t find any guy as my preference. I wand a good looking, handsome, finely established gentleman. so can you tell me when I get my partner?

  5. Sir my d.o.b 12feb1988
    Timing 4:40pm
    Place :Ahemdabad
    Sir can u plz tell me my marriage will be arrange ya love intercaste marriage

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    Inter caste marriage or native marriage most suitable?
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  7. Hi sir, I m loving one person in another caste.. if I have any possibilities to marry him.

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    Sir can u plz tell me my marriage will be arrange ya love intercaste marriage

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