Is Psychic Reading Real or Is It Just a Mind Game?!


It’s absolutely natural to have doubts about psychic readings. Similar to any other field, the world of psychics isn’t free from frauds. Today, you can find many self-proclaimed tarot readers who brag about their psychic capabilities but are not even capable of clearing your basic doubts. However, just because some fraudulent psychics are cheaters doesn’t mean everyone is the same.

In this post, we’ll highlight the real power of psychic reading. We’ll also have a look at some of the ways that can help you distinguish between the legitimate psychics and the scamming ones.

Is Psychic Reading Real or Is It Just a Mind Game?

There is no denying the fact that psychic reading can be life-changing in different ways. When you have a reading either by a tarot reader or an astrologer, you get an expert opinion about your past, present and the future. These individuals specialize in energy tracking technique which basically is a capacity to divine and explain your personal energy indications through different channels.

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Consider yourself as an energy sender resonating at a particular frequency. Through this frequency, a psychic reader interprets what types of people and experiences you will likely encounter. Thus, psychic readings are entirely based on the frequency you are emanating during the reading session.

The Truth behind Psychic Reading

When it comes to the authenticity of the psychic reading, there are mixed opinions. There are people who believe that it’s just one of the ways tarot readers scam other people while there are people who consider it to be a real source through which they can somehow predict the upcoming life experiences.

As far as scientific evidences are concerned, there are many researches that prove the validity of psychic readings and its impact on human life.

Use Your Own Judgment

As mentioned above, you can find different opinions about psychic readings. But, the best way to determine whether or not psychic reading can have life-transforming effects is to your judgmental power. Luckily, there are number of ways that can help you determine whether a psychic reader you’ve selected is able to provide accurate information or most likely a cheat.

Look Out For Cold Reading Tricks

There are people who call themselves psychics sometimes use a trick called cold reading. Cold reading is basically a technique through which the person purport he is providing inexplicable details to the receiver then what he is actually doing depends on the receiver’s own confirmation bias happening from the direct impact of fascination and beliefs.  These deceitful so-called readers make use of special cross-examining techniques to put forward apparently the correct information.

What is Cold Reading?

Deceptive readers use cold reading to ask different questions and then assess the receiver’s body language and answers before going forward. Generally, this begins with a common question which make the reader dependent on your answers and body gestures to arrive at what appears to be psychic revelation.

Try to Provide As Few Hints as Possible

One of the ways to avoid cold reading technique is to minimize the verbal and non-verbal hints you can give to your reader. Try to give diplomatic answers or you can also turn the question back to the reader. An authentic psychic reader will not require your answers to these queries for information.

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As far as non-verbal hints are concerned, you can sit in a position that the reader can’t see you at all. You can even use phone or internet to get your questions answered or can hold single position or face expression during the entire conversation.

Ask the Relevant Questions

You can ask relevant questions to your reader to ensure he isn’t depending on your hints to provide the information. Avoid direct questions. For example, instead of asking ‘is my son here?’ you can ask ‘who is here trying to be in touch with me?’ Observe the accuracy of the reader’s answers to these unspecific and indirect questions.

Don’t Provide Information in Advance

While taking appointment from a reader, try to provide as little information as possible. Especially, never provide them with your social account I.D’s or other online details as they can research about you from there. You can even set up a fresh email account or a Skype id with a fake name or just your first name to avoid confusion. Doing this will inhibit your reader from making shrewd guesses or revealing information he found about you with a few clicks.

Do Your Research

Lastly, one of the best ways to acquire accurate psychic reading is to discover a trustworthy psychic. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family. Also, make sure to skim through different third-party websites to read online testimonials before you take the final decision. For best result, be certain to invest in a reader with whom you feel comfortable and confident.

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