Astrological remedies for Career Growth and Job Stability

Career Growth

Astrological remedies for Career Growth

If one asks what would be the best option to achieve a quick promotion in the professional field, the answer should only hover around the solutions associated to hard working. However, there are several cases where hard working may not sound enough to get the support of fate. The remedies of astrology may help people to turn the tide of fate to a better direction.

Why trust astrology?

It is a proven fact that we believe in God since an early age. No matter whether you consider yourself as an atheist or not, there are certain times when you cannot go beyond your limits. Astrology covers up the place for you by providing mental support.

Astrological remedies for Career Growth

Though it is a fact that the progress of the career depends on hard work, you may find thorns in that path which may seem unmovable. Look at the Astrological remedies and also few Lal Kitab remedies for career growth those may support your hard works and help you achieve the dreams.

  • If the aspect of Rahu is on the 10th house then put Kheer on Chapati and offering it to crows or cow.
  • Rahu aspect to the 10th house is likely to cause problems from the seniors, colleagues and uncertainty on the career front.
  • If the influence of Saturn is very high on the career growth of the person. One needs to calm down the power by pleasing the lord. Hard work may not have any replacement but Lord Saturn would also be pleased if you worship Saturn every Saturdays.
  • Offering cereals to the birds may help you to get a better promotion in your professional fields as well. Mix Seven cereals like rice, wheat, Bajra, Jau, Barley, kaale chane, whole grain of Moong daal and Sabut Urad and offering them to the birds will be very helpful in removing the obstacles on the career front.
  • Feeding a handicapped person or impaired person is considered as a show of humanity that would please the Lord as well.
  • Mantras have various effects. In order to do better in the job enchanting the Shiva-Stotram with Gayatri Mantra in the morning would surely bring good rewards.
  • Faith is the key in Astrology, as people may not know when and how the benefits from the mighty Lord would rain upon them.

One may not agree with all these, as everybody believes that there is no substitute of hard work but while the life betrays you at every step, you can surely give your faith a chance to prove its worth.


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