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Is Your Mobile Number Lucky or Unlucky

Have you checked if your mobile number is lucky for you or unlucky. Today cell phones are very important daily tool for communication and just like your name, in the world of communication you have a distinct number.

Having the right number can be lucky or unlucky for you. There is no denying that people like to have a attractive and simple number, but some combinations are quite unlucky when checked with your date of birth and which can impact your communication with your career, love, business, friends, trading partner, officers etc.

General Unlucky Numbers: 

1). Avoid numbers which have these numbers in the last  “888” or “000”  or  “8”   or  “00” or  ”0″ digits cell numbers, because , last “888″digits  will give sudden danger or sudden loss. Last “000″ will give sudden ill health or mental tension or strain, the same results for digits “88″ , “00″ ,  ”8″ and “0″ last number of cell.

2). You must not have or buy Cell number with unlucky numbers as the last two digit.

For example if ones unlucky number is 9, then he must not having their cell number last two digits as “99”

3) it is not good to have the following as last two digits of your cell number. Number 13, 18, 29, 36, 40, 44, 48, 63, 92 numbers as these numbers should be avoided.

      Number “13″ will give opposite gender problems or competition.

      Number “18” will give selfish nature or frequently long tour programmes or some may be face nerves ill health.

      Number “29” will give bad results from opposite gender and sometimes these number holders will attempt suicide       attempts due to this number talking effect.

      Number “36” number will give good name in the out of local  area but not give good fame in his local area, and this       native persons will work or spend at  mid nights, and some persons will do have their marriage without approval of       their parents. Some persons can have high temperament and nerves disorder problem.

      Number “40” will give dismissed or rejected or cut situations from natives or relatives or friends.

      Number “28” will face sunk or float situation in the water.

      Number “44” number face different types of tensions and problem or critical situations and lot of obstacles in life.

      Number “48” number will give service motivation in any field, and sometimes failure situations in family relations

      Number “63” number will make a person aggressive or prone to take hasty decisions.

      Number “92” will give quarrels or disputes with close relatives or friends.

4)  It is better that in your cell number digits are not repeated in this order 1313  or  1818 or 2929 or 3636 or 6363 or 4747 or 7474 or 2828 or 8282 or 7777.

5). You must see that your cell number last two digits and total number of your cell number must be in your lucky number.

Get your Cell Phone Number Check and make sure that you are using a Number which will enhance your good luck and prosperity. 

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About Parvatham Chandhraseker

hello viewers, I am a Numerologist and Vastu Consultant, Astro Adviser, Palm reader, from Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, india. I have done '' ADBUTHA NUMEROLOGY '' two years course by the observation of Dr. Jay K .; CA 91344 U.S.A. I also have received " JOTHIDA MAMANI" and a regular writer on monthly magazine named "sri gurudatta jyothisha peetam". i can give you the remedies based on the above subjects, specially i can give you fast remedies based on Numerology.


  1. Respected Sir
    My Name is M.S.Rajan and DOB 21/09/1975. Please select the best mobile number for me Sir.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. Respected Sir
    My Name is M.S.Rajan and DOB 21/09/1975 and Birth Time 3.45 A.M and Birth Place Chennai. Please select the best mobile number for me Sir. I need your kind help in this regard.
    Thanks and Regards

  3. respct sir
    my name rakeshhan date of birth 6-3-1993
    7382076666 is lukky or not tell me sir

  4. Hi sir my date of birth is 06/09/1988
    My mobile number is 9066669960 is it lucky to me are not

  5. Good Morning Sir

    My Name is Narasimha and date of birth is 11-01-1987

    what is my lucky no and

    which mobile no i should use Total and Last 2 digits

    please guide me


  6. Sir good afternoon, my name, Hitendra Patel , D.O.B. 31/12/1982. I’m using two mobile number is New, IN Business, 9880562517. 9019126799.

  7. Sir please help me which mobile number is best for me
    9007 705 605
    98300 72122
    91233 33577
    70594 36477
    My date of birth is 16/02/1983 at 4.05pm Wednesday kolkata
    My name is Aniruddha Ganguly.

  8. Hi i am kulwinder singh
    Born in delhi on 16/feb/1991 at 01:45 pm
    What will be the lucky numbers for me

  9. Sir,
    My name Chetan Rathor
    DOB-08/10/1976 and mobile no is 8866121000 is good for me or not
    Please help me

  10. My name Ramababu behera.My DOB is 17.09.1979 from mobile no 8895312961. Or 8018230573 which is best and lucky mobile number .plz suggest me Sir

    • My name Ramababu behera.My DOB is 17.09.1979 from mobile no 6372836619 . which is best and lucky mobile number .plz suggest me Sir

  11. My name is Arvind sachdeva my 9810402813and cannot change my no. as I am professional .Is this good for me or not.if not tell me the solution.

  12. Vikrant GONDANE

    Respected sir
    DoB 06/12/1982
    I have four mobile numbers
    Sir which mobile number Will be lucky for me

  13. My Name is Naitik Umeshchandra Gandhi
    DoB 28/08/1990
    I have four mobile numbers
    Sir which mobile number Will be lucky for me

  14. Vikrant GONDANE

    Date of birth 06/121982
    My mobile Numbers is
    Sir which mobile number Lucky for me

  15. hitesh prajapati

    Hiteshbhai Dineshbhai Prajapati

    Dob : 210491

    Sir which mobile number Will be lucky for me


  16. Vinay kumar singh

    My dob is 26-09-1994
    My mobile number is lucky or not ?
    Mob – 9776927697

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