Name alphabet according to Birth Nakshatra (Namkaran Sanskaar)

Name Alphabet as per Nakshatra

Name alphabet according to Birth Nakshatra (Namkaran Sanskaar)

It is everybody’s dream to become a parent one day. Becoming a parent is something special, a feeling and emotion that you can never know till you become one. Everyone wants to do the most and the best for their children. To dream for them a life and world that is much more loving, beautiful and better than they themselves have lived. A name is the identity of any person and it will be also for your child. Special emphasis is given to the name in Hindu culture. It is believed that the qualities of the name influence the character and personality of the child. For example a child with the name “Shakti” will be strong, powerful, ability to accept challenges. A name “Gyanchand” the child will be knowledgeable and have qualities of the Moon which is calm, emotional, sensitive, helpful, being a Naamkaran has been an old tradition in Indian culture. A name like Sumeer signifies a child who is lord of wisdom. A name after a deity or  god signifies the qualities in her personality and character. A name Durga a girl will be bold, full of energy, powerful, aggressive, trustworthy and daring.

 Choosing a Name based upon Birth Nakshatra:

Some people choose random name for their children based upon individual preferences.  Good names are too beneficial and lucky, short and sweet name make good vibration, it make special identity in the life.  Therefore emphasis should be made on a short and sweet name but based upon the proper astrology system. A proper name not only enhances the character, personality of the child but also proves lucky for him. There are 27 Nakshtras in Vedic astrology which are further divided into 4 charan or Pada. Each charan or pada is assigned a sound which becomes the name alphabet of the person.

 The List of Name Alphabet belonging to various Nakshatras is given below:

No Nakshatra Name Alphabet of different charan/ pada
1 Aswini (अश्विनी) Chu (चू) , Che (चे), Cho (चो), La (ला)
2 Bharani (भरणी) Lee (ली), Lu (लू), Le (ले), Lo (लो)
3 Kritika (कृतिका) A (आ), E (ई), U (उ), Ea (ऐ)
4 Rohini (रोहिणी) O (ओ), Va (वा), Vi (वी), Vu (वू)
5 Mrigashira (मृगशिरा) We (वे), Wo (वो), Ka (का), Ki (की)
6 Aardhra (आर्द्र) Ku (कू), Gha (घ), Ing (ङ), Jha (झ)
7 Punarvasu (पुनर्वसु) Ke (के), Ko (को), Ha (हा), Hi (ही)
8 Pushyami (पुष्य ) Hu (हू), He (हे), Ho (हो), Da (डा)
9 Ashlesha (अश्लेशा ) De (डी), Du (डू), De (डे), Do (डो)
10 Magha/Makha (मघा ) Ma (मा), Me (मी), Mu (मू), Me (मे)
11 Poorva  Phalguni (पूर्व  फाल्गुनी) Mo (मो), Ta (टा), Ti (टी), Tu (टू)
12 Uttaraphalguni (उत्तरा  फाल्गुनी) Te (टे), To (टो), Pa (पा), Pe (पी)
13 Hasta (हस्त ) Pu (पू), Sha (ष), Na (ण), Teha (ठ)
14 Chitra (चित्रा ) Pe (पे), Po (पो), Ra (रा), Re (री)
15 Swaati (स्वाति ) Ru (रू), Re (रे), Ro (रो), Taa (ता)
16 Vishaakha (विशाखा ) Tee (ती), Tue (तू), Teaa (ते), Too (तो)
17 Anuraadha (अनुराधा ) Na (ना), Ne (नी), Nu (नू), Ne (ने)
18 Jyeshtha (ज्येष्ठ ) No (नो), Ya (या) Yi (यी), Uu (यू)
19 Moola (मूल ) Ye (ये), Yo (यो), Ba (भा), Be (भी)
20 Poorvashaada (पूर्वाषाढ़ा ) Bu (भू), Dha (धा), Ea (फा) Eaa (ढा)
21 Uttarashaada (उत्तराषाढ़ा ) Be (भे), Bo (भो), Ja (जा), Ji (जी)
22 Shravan (श्रवण ) Ju (खी), Je (खू), Jo (खे), Sha (खो)
23 Dhanishta (धनिष्ठा ) Ga (गा), Gi (गी), Gu (गू), Ge (गे)
24 Shatabhisha (शतभिषा ) Go (गो), Sa (सा), Si (सी), Su (सू)
25 Poorvabhadra (पूर्वभाद्र ) Se (से), So (सो), Da (दा), Di (दी)
26 Uttarabhadra (उत्तरभाद्र ) Du (दू), Tha (थ), Jha (झ), Jna (ञ)
27 Revati (रेवती ) De (दे), Do (दो), Cha (चा), Chi (ची)


For Example:


In the above horoscope the birth nakshtra is Rohini and the charan / pada is 3rd then the name alphabet is Vi (वी)

So the Boys name based on above Birth Nakshatra will be as below:

Vian – Meaning Alive and lively

Vibhav – Lord Venkateswara

Vicky – Victorious

And the Girls name based on above Birth Nakshatra will be as below:

Vidhi – Goddess of destiny

Vidhya – Knowledge

Vijayalaxmi – Goddess of Victory

Vineeta – Humble

Some Important Points to remember when you looking for Name Alphabet based upon Birth Nakshtras are given below:

There is no difference in between श and स and also व and ब. Also to be noted is that names will not start with ङ , ञ, ण. If Nakshtra name alphabet indicate these alphabets then घ may be replaced instead of ङ, द instead of ञ and प instead of ण.

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  3. Problem is that there are no names starting with टू.
    This whole 108 svar system was used as a shortcut so that everyone wouldn’t have to remember their exact nakshatra and pada or birthdate + time — astrologers could easily look it up when given your name.
    Nowadays I’m not sure what the relevance is, since computers easily calculate our rasi or lagna charts, we don’t need this little shortcut anymore, do we?

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