Jupiter’s Transit of Cancer Sign in 2014

Jupiter's Transit of Cancer Sign in 2014

Jupiter has entered its sign of exaltation, Cancer on 18th June 2014 and will stay in exalted until July 13th, 2015, thereafter move into Leo Sign. Interestingly between now and November all slow moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are going to change their signs. After Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are changing signs on July 13th this year.  Rahu will move into Virgo and Ketu moves into Pisces. On 2nd November 2014 Saturn moves from Libra and moves into Scorpio. Jupiter stays in each sign for about 13 months. During its transit into Cancer Jupiter will be transiting its own nakshatra Purnavasu  then Pushya nakshatra ruled by Saturn and finally Aslesha nakshatra ruled by Mercury. Jupiter in Cancer sign will get aspect from Saturn from Libra till November 2014. Jupiter will go retrograde from December 11th till April 9th, 2015 will go direct again.

Jupiter’s transit in Cancer sign will give results depending upon the house ruler ship, also depending upon if Jupiter was direct or retrograde in your birth chart.

Below are some of the effects on you due to this transit as per your birth ascendant.

Jupiter Transit in Cancer for Various Lagan/Ascendants.

Aries Lagan / Ascendant: Jupiter posited in the 4th house. The native will be interested in increasing his education can be through direct admission, correspondence and online courses. The native will like to spend more on distant journeys and spiritual gains will also be there. The native will work towards fulfilling his family needs. Happiness from mother and family gains are indicated. 

Taurus Lagan / Ascendant:  Exalted Jupiter posited in the 3rd house sees the native enthusiastic about intellectual development. The native will enhance his verbal abilities and communication skills. Improvement in relationship with younger brother and sister will lead for better family ties. Health of younger brother / sister will be matter of concern. Over dependence on friends, neighbors will not give your good results. It is a period of self introspection and strong initiative.

Gemini Lagan / Ascendant:  Exalted Jupiter in the 2nd house.  The native will have a great desire to earn lot of money during this transit. He / she may invest extra money in long term asset. Those getting married can get enormous wealth from spouse. The native too will see improvement in profession.

Cancer Lagan / Ascendant:  Exalted Jupiter positioned in the ascendant, sudden financial gains can be there. The native will reach spiritual heights as well. The native needs to take care of health as with exalted Jupiter in ascendant also known as tanu bhava, the native will gain weight, so need to be very particular of its diet and exercise.

Leo Lagan / Ascendant:  Jupiter in the 12th house, travelling to distant places will be on the agenda this Jupiter transit. The native will find isolation in whatever he does. His plans will be expensive and generally disliked by others. The Lion may see itself, becoming highly philosophical but needs to remember that there will not be many to listen and give support. It is better to keep a low profile and work quietly on your plans, something what Leos generally cannot do.

Virgo Lagan / Ascendant:  Virgo Ascendants will see rise in their popularity, thanks to Jupiter being in the 11th house. It is that time of your life when you can do things that you have been putting on a hold for so long. Jupiter is the planet of increase and the native will see gains on the domestic front and also from the spouse. However caution is needed and you should not get carried away and put yourself interest away when dealing with others. As Jupiter in the 11th house aspects the 7th house matrimonial alliance for those eligible seems likely later in the year.

Libra Lagan / Ascendant:  Jupiter in the 10th house indicates gains on the financial front. Sagittarius sign and Pisces sign falls in the 3rd and the 6th house; therefore you will find your initiative and your competiveness behind your success. Things that you do will give you long term gains and success. You will find yourself being highly generous and going out of your way to help others. Professionally you will take more responsibility and hold a better position. You will see yourself playing the role of an authoritarian and taking important decision. Extensive traveling cannot be ruled out during this Jupiter transit.

Scorpio Lagan / Ascendant:  Jupiter in the 9th Bhava/ house. Exalted Jupiter/ Bharaspati in bhagyastan. You will find dramatic changes in your life and personality during this period. First you will find yourself turning away negativity and becoming more hopeful, positive, determined and optimistic. Your vision will be wide and you will have new ideas and plans.  You will possess considerable versatility which at times may make you restless. Your eagerness to get fast results will only bring you disappointments. Income from more than one source and distant travelling are some of the highlights of this period.

Sagittarius Lagan / Ascendant:  Ascendant lord Jupiter in the 8th house, health needs care. Avoid fatty food and be regular in your exercise. The native will see a rise in desire to learn. They will also be an increase in wealth. Disputes with family members can be there, which may bother your mind. Knowledge is something that you will be after and the native will get highly research oriented and dig deep into everything he/she does.  

Capricorn Lagan / Ascendant: Jupiter transit in the 7th house is likely to delay marriage and create some problems for the native on the marital front. Those looking for a relationship will soon find a partner, however delays are there due to high aspirations and expectations. Unexpected expenses could bother your mind. There will be income but expenses will also be on the rise. Gains through trading and partnerships can be there.

Aquarius Lagan / Ascendant:  Jupiter transit the 6th house will make you thoughtful, considerate, generous and highly sensitive towards others. As a result you will be quick to offer help to just about anyone. Financial gains will be less as lord of the 11th house is in an inimical distance. It will be a period of ups and down professionally. Support from family and friends will be there.

Pisces Lagan / Ascendant:  This is a period of great enthusiasm and optimism. You will be doing a lot for your family and friends. Exalted Jupiter in the 5th house exerts a powerful influence on the native’s love life. The native will be popular amongst members of the opposite sex, upon whom the native may show great special interest and bigheartedness.  

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  1. Christiane Marie Ginette Paulette Pearson
    Born 12/ 29/1948

    I’m poor and lonely when will this change please
    Blessings of the highest Divine light
    Thank you!!!

  2. Fantastic analysis for the year, very clear and simple. Thank you. But what is your opinion on gold investments. Dont understand why the price is going backwards in Jupiters’ exalting sign. There is certainly something I missed here. What will your analysis be for the next coming years on this particular subject. Thank you.

    1. Hi Arun Ji and thanks for your visit to AstrologyMag.com

      Well as everyone thought that once Jupiter gets exalted Gold prices will move forward. The fact astrologically is like this that Jupiter went into its sign of Exaltation on 19th June and on 10th July Jupiter was combust due to its closeness with the Sun. When any planet is combust it loses its benefic aspects and therefore despite it being exalted , it has not been very beneficial on certain fronts. Price of Gold you can say will be one of them. The combustion has finished on 9 August and we should get results in the coming days. Another point to note is that Jupiter is already at 14 degrees in Cancer and that is very fast for a planet that spend approx 13 months in Rashi. Jupiter will get retrograde on 11 December 2014 till 10 April, 2015. A a very long period. I believe before its gets retrograde we can expect rise in Gold prices.


      Navneet Khanna

  3. Sir, I am suprio chakraborty.
    I am jobless since march 2014. I read in many site that jupiter is transiting on 18 June and there
    will be all good news for capricorn. I am still jobless struggling, depressed an in severe financial problem.
    Can you pls tell me is this a permanent trend in my life ? or is there any ray of hope.
    My dob is 04 june 2014, Place : Darbhanga (Bihar) , time : 19:20.
    warm regards,

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