Kemadruma Dosha in Vedic Astrology effects and Remedies

Kemadruma Dosha in Vedic Astrology effects and Remedies

Kemadruma Dosha is formed when there are no planets on either side of the Moon.  Moon is the most important planet as per Vedic Astrology as it signifies mind of an individual. Due to Kemadruma Dosha the native will be depressed, sorrowful, poor, dependent, do unrighteous deeds and a swindler.  There is a strong opinion that if Moon is in conjunction with a planet despite not having planets on either side, there is no Kemdruma, however the author feels that it has to be checked from chart to chart case and it cannot be a standard rule that should be applied everywhere. In case the conjunction is with a benefic planet then Kemdruma can be considered as cancelled, however if it is with malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn and Ketu then Kemadruma dosha will not cancel, on the contrary give much stronger malefic results. Moon conjunction with Mars is not good and similarly Moon conjunction with Sun makes the Moon combust. Therefore Moon conjunction with other planets will not cancel the dosha in all cases, but only in cases when it is with benefic planets which provide strength to the Moon like Jupiter , which forms the Gaja Kesari Yoga.

Kemadruma Dosha/ Yoga may get ignored, however as Moon is the significator of mind this dosha effects the thoughts, opinion and views of an person, its effects are lifelong and will pull down the native from achievements and getting success. A Person with Kemadruma Dosha is  always negative and receives failures in whatever he / she does. The native will be in a state of sorrow, dependant on others, does wrong things and is devoid of wealth, health, knowledge, mental peace and prone to failures in life due to wrong and hasty decisions. The native stays distant from others and never earns respect for his work.

Chart Showing the  Cancellation of Kemadruma Dosha:

As discussed above we see that Moon is in Sagittarius in Kendra house, there is no planet in either Scorpio and Capricorn, that makes a simple case of Kemadruma Dosha, however as Moon is conjoined with Jupiter which is the lord of 4th and 7th house, both kendrastan, Moon itself is the lord of 11th house of gains. The conjunction of Moon and Jupiter cancels the Kemadruma Dosha. The native will not feel the malefic effects of Kemdruma dosha and actually receive good aspects of Jupiter which is strong and well placed in the natal chart.

kemadruma dosha

Remedies for Kemadruma Dosha

  1. Recite Mantra “Om Som Somaaya Namaha” 108 times daily
  2. Keep fast on Mondays
  3. Drink water in a Silver Glass
  4. Take Blessing from Mother or women of her age
  5. Wear Pearl in Silver on your right hand ring finger on Monday Morning
  6. Kemadruma Dosha Nivanran Puja

If your Moon is afflicted in your horoscope due to Kemadruma dosha and you are feeling depressed, emotionally down, unable to work, unable to concentrate, full of negativity and face failures in life. Not getting the desired results in your work, you need to strengthen Moon.

You can order a Kemadruma Dosha Nivaran puja. This puja will strengthen your moon and help you overcome negativity, depression and past failures. This puja will give you energy and lots of positivity, which will help you make your failures into success. An energized Yantra is provided which will give you immediate effects.

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