Sun in Scorpio Transit Importance and Effects

Sun in Scorpio Transit Importance and Effects

Sun Transit in Scorpio is from November 17, 2015 and till December 16. 2015

Scorpio symbol is of an animal that hides and has the ability to inflict a painful sting when in danger.  It is of someone who does not believe in compromise or someone who mince words. Scorpio is the negative sign of planet Mars, which means the person is prone to taking hasty decisions, can be aggressive and vindictive. It is a fixed and watery sign. This sign is purely about power and force and about achieving it at any costs. These characteristic of a Scorpio is found in those who are born under that sign.  Scorpio is the eight sign of zodiac and is most feared and misunderstood in the zodiac family. The Scorpio natives are known to be the most mysterious people on this planet. They are more concerned with their feelings than appearance, Scorpio react to the world through emotions.  They have very fixed opinions. They are people who like to probe that means go deeper into everything that interest them.  Their desire for unrevealing mysteries takes them deeper to discover beyond the surface and go deep into everything. They probe and poke and have ways to penetrate other peoples psyche in order to find the hidden truth.

Sun transits Scorpio from November 17, 2015 it stays in Scorpio for 30 days moving 1 degree per day. During this period Sun will transit through Vishaka Nakshtra 4th Chanran which is ruled by Jupiter, Anuradha  Nakshatra all 4 charans ruled of Saturn and Jyeshtha Nakshatra all 4 charan ruled of Mercury.

This transit of Sun in Scorpio is always special as it is like awakening of consciousness. Sun is debilitated in Libra, it is a position where the King as is Sun known to be amongst the planets is the weakest.  Sun is the significator of the Soul as per Vedic astrology, it is the feeling of what you truly are. The Sun represents the true or the Divine self (atman). It is connected with identity, consciousness. It is the light that takes us away from darkness to a world of knowledge and enlightenment.

When in Libra Sun represents ego, intolerant, boastful and materialistic as it transits through the sign of Venus. In Libra the focus turns towards peace, compromising and taking interest in things related to peace and harmony. This is a state of making concessions and avoiding confrontation and if necessary to concede to the wishes of others.

Sun when transit through Scorpio is all about realization as it moves through Nakshatra of Jupiter and Saturn the planets of knowledge and justice.  When Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of mysteries and deep analysis, it brings a period for transformation. A feeling of making achievements and moving away from pleasure and start to take risks through self introspection.  The feeling of self realization that gives you courage to test new paths. This is the period when you go to unravel some of the true unique things about yourself that can make you shine. It is the time when the King moves from pleasure and peace to regains its right place and supremacy. The celestial king that is the Sun when transiting through Scorpio gives us powers to transform and change. Making us look inside and transform ourselves through hidden qualities within us for obtaining our true goals in life. Goals which are not determined by our materialistic desired but by our consciousness and the soul.

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