lakshmi yoga in Vedic astrology

lakshmi yoga in Vedic astrology

Lakshmi Yoga is formed if lord of the Lagna is powerful and the 9th lord is in its own sign or exalted in kandra or trikona. This is one of the great yoga seen in any horoscope and can make the person extremely rich in life. It is seen that not only will the person will be wealthy, but noble and generous as well. A person you will be learned and will use his knowledge to earn lot of money. The native will have attractive appearance, wise , shrewd in his work and  appreciated in society. The native will earn respect because of his good deeds and enjoy lot of pleasure and comforts of life.

Lakshmi Yoga is also set to arise by the mutual association of lords of Lagna and the 9th house. It is also formed when lord of the 9th house occupy Kendra, trinoka and is exalted and lagan lord being placed strongly with no malefic afflictions, and also by lord of 9th and Venus being in own or exalted in Kendra or trikona house.

It is important that Lagna, Venus and the lord of the 9th house are powerful for Lakshmi Yoga to be formed. As Lakshmi has primarily to do with wealth and it is seen that one born with this yoga will be wealthy and will enjoy many comforts and luxuries in life. The level of wealth the native can get because of this yoga purely depends upon others factors and also of course the overall strength of the Lakshmi yoga itself.

lakshmi yoga horoscope

If you look at the above chart, a strong Lakshmi Yoga is present in the horoscope.  As lagan lord Sun and lord of 9th house and both posited in the 11th house of gains. The native did very well for himself and earned enormous wealth and luck favoured him in all his ventures.

In many horoscope Lakshmi yoga is likely to be found, however its strength will vary and that will eventually bring gains to the native. IF the strong Lakshmi Yoga is present then the results will manifest fully and the native will get lot of wealth in his life.

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