Astrological Secret for a Happy Married Life

Astrological Secret for a Happy Married Life

The saying that “Marriages are made in heaven” is very correct because any marital alliance should have the sanction of destiny for it to happen, make it long lasting and full of happiness. Any relationship in this world , it may be a  father and son relationship, brother and sister, husband and wife is governed by fate. Any attempt to alter fate can have dangerous consequences.

Horoscope Matching for Happy Married Life

Matching of the birth chart of the boy and the girl play a decisive role in fixing arranged marriages. Astrologers look at longevity of the couple, physical fitness, sexual compatibility, social and economic status are kept in view. The horoscope charts are examined from the aspect of characters of the partners, progeny and financial prosperity. The important point that needs to be checked is that the good points of one horoscope are not getting cancelled by the bad ones in the other horoscope. Therefore elaborate rules are employed in terms of Guna and Graha matching to ensure blissful and happy married life.

I have observed that many couple just go in to Guna Milan which is the matching based upon the birth Nakshatra and simply ignore what we know as Graha Milan that is the matching of the planets and also do not study the 2nd , 4th and 7th house, which are important houses related to marriage and marital happiness.

Some important conditions that bring trouble in marriage and destroy Happy Married life:

Malefic Aspects on important houses of Marriage:

Rahu posited in Aries and Scorpio the signs ruled by Mars or occupying 7th, 8th and 12th house. In the boys horoscope, if Rahu occupies the 7th house, the girl might suffer continuous ill health. If 7th lord is in 8th house and is the lord of the 8th is posited in the  7th house conjoined or aspect by malefic planets, it is known as one day marriage. The same would be the results if lords of the 7th and 8th occupy the 6th or 12th with malefic. If Mars is posited with malefic in 7th or 8th house conjoined or aspect by with malefic, separation is indicated. Malefic like Saturn, Mars, Sun, 12th lord posited in 7th house are likely to bring marital trouble.

Financial Trouble as seen in the Horoscope:

The couple should get the horoscope checked from a competent astrologer and verify there is no 2-12 Bhakoot dosha in Kundali milan. If there is a 2-12 Bhakoot dosha, remedies for Bhakoot dosha should be done. Also check if 12th lord is posited in ascendant and the ascendant lord is in the 12th house, as with this condition the native will work throughout his life, keep struggling to meet expenses. He is likely to be spendthrift and make wasteful expenses. He may be born rich but waste all his money on unscrupulous activities. The exchange of 11th and the 12th lords is not conducive for saving money. The native will earn lot of money but save little or nothing.

Children Trouble as seen in the Horoscope:

Sun posited in the 7th house in a fiery sign makes the girl barren. Rahu and Venus in the 8th house can bring problems to the first child. 5th house vitiated by malefic by occupation or aspect.  Affliction on the 2nd house and Jupiter can bring problems to children.

Important points that should not be ignored while studying the horoscope for marriage:

  1. Conjunction of Mars and Venus raise questions on the character of the boy and also the girl. This conjunction is more severe and needs proper scrutiny if forming in the 7th and 8th house of the horoscope.
  2. Marital alliance is not recommended if Mangal Dosha is present in one horoscope and absent in another horoscope unless it gets cancelled due to Mangal dosha exceptions, such a alliance bring unhappiness and separation in marriage.
  3. The role of Rahu in the horoscope should not be ignored. Rahu can bring terrible results harming the marital bliss. Rahu In Lagan can bring mental health, problems with spouse. Rahu can bring miscarriage, problems related to children if posited in the 5th house.  Rahu brings delay in marriage and unhappiness in marital life if posited in the 7th house.
  4. If the 6th, 7th and 8th houses in the horoscope are free from malefic they are good for marital life.
  5. If benefic planets are posited in the 2nd and 4th house.

If you have Issues related to marriage, I have the Answers. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge.

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