Learn to Read Tarot Cards – Basics

Learn Tarot Card basics

Learning to read tarot cards opens up a whole new world of possibilities up for you. You can then find out the possible outcome of a decision you are about to make, which choice will be most to your advantage and even give readings for your family and friends. Reading tarot cards is a simple process that is easy to get good at; the more you explore the subject and familiarize yourself with the tarot deck and the meaning of the cards, the more accurate your readings are likely to get. All you really need to do to get started is choose a tarot deck that appeals to you and follow the following steps.

Acquire The Right Tarot Deck
Limitless options are open to you when you decide to get a tarot deck. If you are visually oriented, a tarot deck with beautiful, colorful imagery will probably capture your imagination, and is, perhaps, the best choice for you. If you usually follow your intuition, choose a deck you feel intuitively drawn to. The more connected you feel to images you see on the cards, the more the images are likely to fuel your intuitive powers and the better your readings will be.

Get To Know The Tarot Cards
Know each card by reading through the meaning that is assigned to it, draw in the energy of each card and meditate on the images or messages that come to mind when you spend time studying the imagery on the cards. Each deck of cards consists of 78 cards, with 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The minor arcana cards belong to 4 different suits that are cups, pentacles, swords and wands. The pentacles are for questions regarding career, money, property and success. The wands answer questions pertaining to speculation, travel, enterprise and progress. For matters of the heart and emotions, cups give you the answers you seek and swords deal with questions that are related to setbacks and difficulties.

Choose The Tarot Spread
Tarot spreads can be simple or complex. Initially, working with simple spreads takes the pressure off the reading and allows you to enjoy the process. First, shuffle the deck well. Then, lay out the cards according to the spread you have chosen to work with; then interpret the meaning either intuitively or according to the designated meaning of the card. Try the one card spread for insights into a specific situation. Think of the question and pull out a card from the deck. Gain insights into the past, present and future influences on your life with the three card spread. This spread can also be used to know how your day will be, with each of the three cards representing the morning, afternoon and evening of the day.

4 thoughts on “Learn to Read Tarot Cards – Basics

  1. Mr Navneet,

    I like your articles. Its interesting to see a man juggling Consultancy, Astrology and Tarot cards.
    But please address some basic questions regarding these bodies of knowledge.

    What questions does Astrology answer ?

    What questions does Tarot cards answer?

    I’m sure not every question can be answered by Astrology or Tarot cards alone. I also believe that the effect of planetary positions at birth slowly declines as a person ages. Isn’t that true?

  2. Thank you Shri Ramachandran TM for your reply. The reason I stumbled upon your site: I’ve been searching for a bride for myself for about 1.5 year. I haven’t been successful yet. I was hoping to find answers through astrology. Whether I’m doing anything wrong or searching in the wrong places. I’m hopeful about finding a suitable bride. I just need some directional guidance.

    I sincerely solicit your help in this regard. Will you help me ?

    1. You are welcome to come for a scientific evaluation of your horoscope using Paid Consultation when you will know where you stand in respect of all the significations of your 12 houses and 9 planets in your charts.

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