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Capricorn Pisces Love Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces – Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

 The love match of Capricorn and Pisces is nothing short of delightful. These signs share a mutual fascination with each other, a great deal of grounded romance, as well as perfect mutual understanding. By mixing stability and romance, this combination of signs has a very good prognosis for a long-term relationship.

Capricorn is motivated, with an extremely ambitious approach to life. He or she will provide practicality to the relationship. Capricorn wants an intellectual partner and will wait for the right partner before showing romance and love. Very stable and structured, Capricorn is a partner who knows his or her direction in any life situation, having a step by step plan of how to get there. Along the way, Pisces may provide Capricorn with emotional support and security. Being extremely intuitive and empathetic and following their instincts rather than facts, Pisces will bring an idealistic and emotional approach to the relationship. They will provide the ambitious Capricorns with imagination, constantly inspiring them in this direction. If they exaggerate with this imagination, Capricorns will quickly ground them. As Capricorns tend to easily turn into extreme workaholics, Pisces may help them to become more relaxed and dream a little. Pisces is more sensitive and compassionate sign when compared to cool, down-to-earth Capricorn. Thus, Pisces will improve emotions and romance, while Capricorn will bring structure and reality to the relationship.

Both signs sometimes tend to be insecure, however, both will constantly compliment and encourage one another. They share a great deal of loyalty, thus making themselves a reliable team. The area of potential conflict between them may be that of finances. While Capricorns are preoccupied with the material world and social status, always searching for consistency and financial stability, Pisces, on the contrary, are more spiritual and are not inspired by materialistic possessions. They often tend to be a helping hand to others. Therefore, Capricorn might sometimes find their Pisces partner often too naive or waist full, while Pisces might consider Capricorn to be too materialistic or even selfish. Also, as Capricorns have a stronger personality, they often dominate. Pisces will either appreciate it or mind it. In the latter case, Capricorns will have to find a way to avoid just taking control of everything. Therefore, if a compromise is achieved they will find a middle ground and the relationship may not suffer in this area.

Capricorn and Pisces – Sexual Compatibility

When dating turns sexual in this relationship, things only get better. The chemistry between these signs is strong. Pisces will bring more imaginative and romantic approach to sex, while Capricorns will have a lustier and fun style. Thus, Pisces will enjoy Capricorn’s earthy lust that keeps the heat in the bedroom, and their partner will be admired by their fantasies, sensual role-playing and various erotic games. This will bring a great mixture in sex life, as sex will be earthy and lustful one time, and other time dreamy and emotional.

Although these signs are quite different, they meet each other’s needs very well. With this in mind, this relationship has a great potential.

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