Libra and Aquarius – Zodiac Signs Love compatibility

Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

The couple of Libra and Aquarius, both being air signs, is a winning love match. Their relationship starts off very well, they have many interests in common as both of them search for a better world in their own way. There is a lot of chemistry here. The couple is a perfect team, a blend of energy, enthusiasm, love of intellectualism and freedom.

The diplomatic Libras are idealists, but luckily open-minded ones. Therefore, they won’t mind the eccentricity of their Aquarius partners. They will often need their attention and reassurance that they are loved and Aquarius’s will have to understand that just because they are not needy it doesn’t mean that their partners won’t be. Therefore, if Aquarius is willing to pay some loving attention to Libra, the relationship will progress very well. Aquarius is an extremely independent sign, preoccupied with progressive things and his/her partner will need to understand his/her need for independence and individual expression. Although Libra is likely to commit long before Aquarius, this is certainly not a possessive sign and therefore nothing will threaten Aquarius’s precious independence.

The combination of Libra and Aquarius is light and fun. Both signs are exciting, sociable and communicative. There is a natural mental connection and a good chance of being in the soul-mate category. However, Libras sometimes tend to be a little bossy, whereas Aquariuses are secretly rebellious. Thus, if an Aquarius feels too restricted, he/she will most likely react by doing the exact opposite, just on general principle.

When it comes to sex, there is no shortage of sexual chemistry here. As the signs are sexually well matched, they will never be boring in the bedroom. Both of them like creativity and novelty in their sex life, and both have an open mind when it comes to sexuality. Libras often tend to behave slightly aggressive, but also romantic at the same time.

On the other way around, Aquarius will let the Libra partner take the lead in relationship, and he/she will follow at a distance providing that his/her independence is not threatened. However, in case of problematic situations and disagreements, Libra will always manage to find a way through without Aquarius even realizing that he/she has actually given in. That’s how diplomatic Libras are. Unlike them, Aquariuses are unlikely to be interested in winning approvals or compliments and they are most often not concerned with what other people think of them. This may certainly affect the relationship of this couple in various ways.

In bedroom, Aquariuses are passionate and understanding, and they tend to explore and experiment with the unknown. The occasional aggressiveness of their Libra partner will help them release their imaginative and creative approach to sex. They are very exotic and enjoy foreplay as well as very intimate sex including a variety of games. Aquarius is pretty much willing to try anything, but just like his/her Libra partner, will search for a mental connection first. [review]

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