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Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

Mahadasas and Antardasas in Vedic Astrology

Mahadasas and Antardasas (Periods and sub periods)

In my other articles on this blog, I have given how a horoscope is evaluated in terms of strength of planets and the resultant strength of houses which gives you a good indication of how potent your life is from birth to death. Have a look at the sample strength of planets in a horoscope.






Life less


Net % Strength








































































The general rules to evaluate a planet and its ruling period/sub periods are given below.

  1. Benefic planets are always good. However, their goodness will be proportional to their net strength. A benefic planet must have at least 50% net strength to reasonably deliver its beneficence. Mars and Rahu are such planets in this horoscope. Moon, Sun and Jupiter are also benefic though with lesser strength (Refer to the Net % Strength Column).

  1. Malefic planets with a good net strength(above 50%) reduce the bad effects in proportion to their strength and they are marked in dark red in the above table. They will sometimes act as weak benefics too if the strength is more than 60%. The higher the strength, the better it is. Venus, Saturn and Kethu are such planets in this horoscope.

  1. Weak malefic planets with net strength <50% are always bad and can give one lot of problems. Mercury is such a planet in this horoscope.

Note that all the planets working in tandem will give this person Benefic results to the extent of 57.36% in his/her life since the Net Good% is higher than Bad% in the above table (it is barely higher).

Now that we know the strength and nature of all the planets in the horoscope, we have to know when these planets will come into effect during the course of one’s life. These are determined by the Mahadasas and Antardasas of the horoscope. I am giving below the details of these periods and sub periods below from 30th May 2014 to 31st May 2050. MD means Maha Dasa (Main Period).

Vimsottari Dasa:

Vimsottari Dasa:

Sat MD: 2014-05-30 – 2033-05-30

Merc MD: 2033-05-30 – 2050-05-31

Antardasas in this MD:

Antardasas in this MD:

Sat: 2014-05-30 – 2017-06-02

Merc: 2033-05-30 – 2035-10-30

Merc: 2017-06-02 – 2020-02-10

Ket: 2035-10-30 – 2036-10-26

Ket: 2020-02-10 – 2021-03-20

Ven: 2036-10-26 – 2039-08-27

Ven: 2021-03-20 – 2024-05-21

Sun: 2039-08-27 – 2040-06-30

Sun: 2024-05-21 – 2025-05-02

Moon: 2040-06-30 – 2041-12-01

Moon: 2025-05-02 – 2026-12-04

Mars: 2041-12-01 – 2042-11-28

Mars: 2026-12-04 – 2028-01-12

Rah: 2042-11-28 – 2045-06-15

Rah: 2028-01-12 – 2030-11-19

Jup: 2045-06-15 – 2047-09-23

Jup: 2030-11-19 – 2033-05-30

Sat: 2047-09-23 – 2050-05-31

The colour codes I have given above are dependant on the nature and strength of planets, as described earlier.

As on today, the 4th Aug 2019, when this article is being written, you can find that the native is running Saturn Mahadasa from 30th May 2014 to 30 May 2033 which is a Malefic in this horoscope but it will not do much damage since it is strong (Net Strength 71.32). Remember the 2nd General rule given above to evaluate a planet. So this 19-year Period will produce good results if the native works hard (malefic planet behaving like a weak benefic planet).

It does not mean that the whole 19 years will be similar in nature and effect. So this Mahadasa (Main Period) for 19 years are sub divided into 9 sub periods, as given below the Mahadasa Period in the above table. You will also find here the nature and duration of these sub periods. On 4th Aug 2019, the native will thus be running Mercury antardasa, from 2nd June 2017 to 10th Feb 2020, which is a weak Malefic resulting in bad times during this sub period of Saturn Main Period. Obviously, the native will have to be very cautious during this period particulary in the significations of Mercury which I have given in detail in my article “Astrology – A new scientific version”

The main advantage of this Mahadasa and Antardasas within is that you can identify good periods during the entire course of the Mahadasa. In the present case, the period from 4th Dec 2026 to 19th Nov 2030 is being ruled by two Benefic Planets, Mars and Rahu, which possess first class strengths and the native will be able to take life easy during this period or capitalise the goodness for productive purposes.

The Main period or Mahadasa can be considered as your super boss and the sub periods as your immediate boss. If both of them are bad, you will have a miserable time. If the super boss is good, he will always protect you and if the immediate boss is good, he will not allow your shortcomings to be passed on to the super boss. If the super boss is good and the immediate boss is bad, he will give you needling problems while you will be protected by the super boss. This is the general rule of how to determine whether a period/sub period is good or bad. Of course, the strength of the planet is what matters in deciding to what extent the goodness will be. Planets marked in dark red, though malefic, will not do much harm since they are strong. Planets marked in red are generally troublesome to the native. Mercury is such a planet in this sample horoscope.

In fact, every antardasa can be further subdivided into Pratyantardasas like for example, the Saturn Mahadasa and the Mercury Antardasa, discussed above, could be subdivided to 9 Pratyantardasa as follows:

Vimsottari Dasa:

Sat MD: 2014-05-30 – 2033-05-30

Merc AD: 2017-06-02 – 2020-02-10

Pratyantardasas in this Mercury AD:

Merc: 2017-06-02 – 2017-10-22

Ket : 2017-10-22 – 2017-12-17

Ven : 2017-12-17 – 2018-05-29

Sun : 2018-05-29 – 2018-07-18

Moon: 2018-07-18 – 2018-10-10

Mars: 2018-10-10 – 2018-12-05

Rah : 2018-12-05 – 2019-04-29

Jup : 2019-04-29 – 2019-09-11

Sat : 2019-09-11 – 2020-02-10

So, even in the Mercury Antardasa which is a weak Malefic, you do not have to be worried about it since the Pratyantardasa of Mars and Rahu are highly benefics and you will be able to do things with good results and prosperity during this weak antardasa. Here what works most is the nature of the immediate boss in the heirarchy of influence of the planets since you are under their direct supervision.

You can even sub divide the Pratyantardasa into 9 Sookshmadasas and each Sookshmadasa can further be subdivided into 9 Praana Antardasas and each Prana Antardasa can be sub divided into 9 Dehantardasas using the same algorithm and thus every few hours in a day can be accounted for being good, bad or ugly.

For those who are interested in the strength of houses, one can use Rasi Dasa or Narayana Dasa which is also popular among astrologers. For this purpose the evaluation of the periods will be based on the strength of houses.


House Brief Description of Significations

Marks Scored

1 Leo Personality, Individuality, Head


2 Virgo Wealth, assets, family, speech, Face


3 Libra Siblings, Friends, courage, Hands and Shoulders


4 Scorpio Happiness, comforts, pleasures, Heart & Lungs


5 Sagittarius Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen


6 Capricorn Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen


7 Aquarius Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver


8 Pisces Distresses in life, Colon, Kidneys, Genitals


9 Aries Luck ,Fortune, Thighs


10 Taurus Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees


11 Gemini Gains, Returns from Career, Calf and ankles


12 Cancer Wasteful Expenditure,Losses, Feet, Spirituality


Net strength



I am giving the Rasi Dasa of the above sample horoscope below. You can assign the strength of Mahadasas from the above strength of houses.

Maha Dasas:

Cancer : 2005-05-31 – 2008-09-16 – 45.22%

Aries : 2008-09-16 – 2018-09-17 – 56.95%

Capricorn : 2018-09-17 – 2024-09-16 – Current Dasa Strength : 41.95%

Libra : 2024-09-16 – 2032-09-17 – 49.59%

Aquarius : 2032-09-17 – 2043-09-17 – 34.66%

Scorpio : 2043-09-17 – 2053-09-17 – 52.80%

Leo : 2053-09-17 – 2056-09-17 – 72.53%

Taurus : 2056-09-17 – 2057-09-17 – 59.79%

Virgo : 2057-09-17 – 2061-09-17 – 58.84%

Gemini : 2061-09-17 – 2072-09-17 – 59.64%

Pisces : 2072-09-17 – 2078-09-17 – 58.48%

Sagittarius : 2078-09-17 – 2087-09-18 – 63.72%

And the antardasas in the current running Mahadasa of Capricorn is given below. You can apply the appropriate colour codes as an exercise.

Capricorn MD: 2018-09-17 (10:20:28 am) – 2024-09-16 (11:16:33 pm)

Antardasas in this MD:

Cancer : 2018-09-17 (10:20:28 am) – 2019-03-15 (9:08:60 am) – 45.22%

Leo : 2019-03-15 (9:08:60 am) – 2019-09-17 (4:36:22 pm) – 72.53%

Virgo : 2019-09-17 (4:36:22 pm) – 2020-03-14 (3:22:46 pm) – 58.84%

Libra : 2020-03-14 (3:22:46 pm) – 2020-09-16 (10:41:17 pm) – 49.59%

Scorpio : 2020-09-16 (10:41:17 pm) – 2021-03-14 (9:32:27 pm) – 52.80%

Sagittarius: 2021-03-14 (9:32:27 pm) – 2021-09-17 (4:47:20 am) – 63.72%

Capricorn : 2021-09-17 (4:47:20 am) – 2022-03-15 (3:45:24 am) – 41.95%

Aquarius : 2022-03-15 (3:45:24 am) – 2022-09-17 (10:55:37 am) – 34.66%

Pisces : 2022-09-17 (10:55:37 am) – 2023-03-15 (10:03:23 am) – 58.48%

Aries : 2023-03-15 (10:03:23 am) – 2023-09-17 (5:04:25 pm) – 56.95%

Taurus : 2023-09-17 (5:04:25 pm) – 2024-03-14 (4:05:05 pm) – 59.79%

Gemini : 2024-03-14 (4:05:05 pm) – 2024-09-16 (11:16:33 pm) – 59.64%

Obviously the antardasa strengths will rule as your immediate boss.

I do hope that you will be able to evaluate your individual Periods and sub periods by looking at the potencies of the strength of Houses or the Planets and be guarded in in the journey of life. For any doubts, you can contact me in person using email or google chat at

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