Mantra for Getting New Job and Promotion in Career

mantra for job career

Given below is a mantra from Ramcharitmanas for getting success in our efforts. This mantra is also for getting new job and enhancement of career. Regular recitation of this mantra will not only give you fame, prosperity and recognition. It will help you grab new opportunities and also help you get promotion.

Getting a desired job is like a dream come true. Especially for many university aspirants who are beginning with their career. This powerful Mantra should be chanted daily which can bring you unexpected results. Recite this mantra daily to derive the best results. For those already working but unhappy and unsatisfied in the job, this mantra will also remove the obstacles that you are facing in your career and take you ahead towards your career goals.

Getting success in your career requires hard work and also luck. There is no doubt that hard work is critical to achieve success in anything. However getting success also requires luck. You can enhance your luck on the career front by reciting this Mantra.

Ramcharit-Manas Mantra For Job

Vishwa Bharan Poshan Kar Joi |

Takar Naam Bharat As Hoi ||

विश्व भरण पोषण कर जोई |

ताकर नाम भरत अस होई ||

How to Chant this Mantra: This mantra from Ramcharitmanas  is very useful for getting new job and promotion in your career. You should chant this mantra for minimum 43 days.  You can continue doing this mantra after you achieve success. You should chant this mantra in the morning after having a bath. You should chant this mantra minimum 1 mala jaap that is 108 times.

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    1. Looking at your natal chart you are in the period of Jupiter Mahadasha and antardasha of Jupiter. You are also running the period of Shani Dhaiyya and that is why you are facing obstacles in your life. The period till January 2020 is challenging. However you will get some respite after March 2019. Doing the Shani and Rahu will be very helpful.


      Navneet Khanna

  1. Hi Sir, Iam currently facing stress in my job since last 6 months. Please suggest me remedy. My DOB is 02-08-1980. Timing 9:07 am.

  2. Rakhi Chatterjee Chakraborty
    D. O. B 13/02/1986
    Birth Place Burnpur west bengal

    I am facing big problems in my life. I want to get job in school. But I cant get any chance… Please help me what to do???

  3. Madhuri aggarwal

    I am not getting job and facing issues to track the interview. Please advise.

  4. I have appeared in the Departmental Promotional Examination in month of May 2022 Will I get secured good marks and got the promotion or not. Is there any astrological remedy to get this promotion.

    D.O B 13.10.1977

    T O B 09:14 PM

    POB Delhi

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