New Moon in the New Year Brings Hope

New Moon in the New Year Brings Hope




The New Year 2014 began with the New Moon, a phenomenon which is not common. New Moon brings new hope; it is the most appropriate time to plan for the future.  It is the time for self introspection; leave the things which have bothered you in the past and work towards a brighter tomorrow. It is the perfect time to commit to new vision, ideas, plans, dreams and work towards them. It is the time to move ahead from darkness that has surrounded us and move towards the light. In Vedic astrology Moon represents the mind it seems to be the perfect time to work on your ideas as energy of the New Moon gives added impetus, which can drive you towards success.

Mercury and Jupiter are in exchange with each other. Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign Gemini while Mercury is in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius. This is a noble collaboration as they seem to share energy for good causes only. Jupiter being the planet of nobleness, generosity, spirituality, wealth and Mercury the planet of intelligence and speech. This exchange is likely to inspire people to work with noble ideas and follow the path of kindness and charity.  The perfect time for refining your speech and noble thinking.  This exchange between Jupiter and Mercury also shows greater support that you can receive from immediate and extended family members.

With Retrograde Venus presently in Capricorn and later in Sagittarius the native will tend to express love in a very refined way. As Venus is in the sign of Saturn, the native will tend to be caring, honest and highly determined towards his/her partner. Till 28th January as Venus stays retrograde mostly in Sagittarius, conflicts may arise over matter of principles, it will be important not to take your beloved for granted, despite lot of fun and enjoyment, expectations are likely to rise during this period.

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