Rajju Porutham for Marriage and Cancellation of Rajju Dosha

Rajju Porutham for Marriage and Cancellation of Rajju Dosha

What is Rajju Porutham?

Rajju Porutam or Rajju matching is one of the most important in Marriage Match Making. This porutam indicates duration of married life and therefore its worth special attention.

Marriage compatibility is a very important factor considered during Horoscope Matching in India and it is truly valid because marriage between two incompatible partners will only create inharmonious conditions at home and destroy whatever good has to happen. There will be financial losses, stress & tension, arguments, health issues to the partner and ofcourse strong chances of separation.

 Rajju matching is very popular in South India during Kundali matching. It has been seen that despite proper Gun Milan matching of the horoscope, yet the relationships have problems. This is because proper analysis of the Grah (Planets) and  important Porutham have not been done by the astrologers.  Astrologers in South India are of the view that Rajju Porutam between the boy and the girl  can be matched in the absence of other 9 kutas, and they give special significance to Rajju Matching.

The 27 Nakshatras or constellations in Vedic astrology are grouped into 5 categories. Each of these categories are assigned a name representing a segment of the human body.

Padha Rajju: Ashwani, Aslesha, Magha, Jyesta, Moola, Revati.

Kati Rajju: Bharni, Pushyami, Pubba, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Uttrabhadra

Nabhi : Krittika, Punarvasu , Uttra, Visakha, Uttarashada, Poorvabhadra

Kanta Rajju: Rohini, Aridra, Hasta, Swati, Sravana, Satabhisha

Siro Rajju: Dhanista, Chitra, Mrigasira

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What is Rajju Dosha?

The basic principle is that the Birth Nakshatra or Jaman Nakshtra of the Boy and the Girl whose horoscope is being matched should not belong to the same Rajju. No matter what people say the Rajju matching cannot be ignored because if matched properly it generally is considered to bring good fortune.

There are 5 types of Rajju Porutham.

  1. Head rajju  – Gives trouble to the Husband.
  2. Neck Rajju –  Gives trouble to the Wife.
  3. Body Rajju – Trouble related to Children.
  4. Lap Rajju – Financial / Property Problems.
  5. Feet Rajju  – Damages During Travel.

Cancellation of Rajju Dosha

It is believed that lords of the rashi of the boy and that of the girl are one and the same planet or if they are mutual frends then Rajju dosha may not be considered and the horoscopes can be matched in spite of the said dosha. Even if the nakshatra of the boy and the girl are in same Rajju, it can be ignored.

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Rajju is the very important in Kundali Milan or Horoscope Matching and having Rajju Dosham can be bad as it strongly suggest problems on the marital front both for the Boy as well as for the Girl, depending upon the type of Rajju Dosham. Health problems to self and partner are certain. However there are Puja remedies for Rajju dosha which can cancel Rajju Dosha and the native can lead a very happy and normal life after marriage

If you have Rajju Dosha in your Horoscope Matching, I have the Answers. Look forward to help you with this Divine Knowledge.

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    245 thoughts on “Rajju Porutham for Marriage and Cancellation of Rajju Dosha

    1. Sir my date of birth 10sept 1991, time is 12.50pm born in Vellore, and my girl date of birth is 7july 1995, born at 11.45am, in chennai, please sir we dont have rajju porutham , please say can we get marry ,i am waiting for your reply

        1. Sir my date of birth 31 August 1995, time is 4.01pm in Punalur, and my boy date of birth is 1februvary 1993, born at 5.40pm, in varkala. We don’t have rajju porutham, please say can we get married, what will be it’s effects. Please need your help

    2. My girl is born at 11:30am 9 June 1995 and my time Is 9:15 am 18 Aug 1994 .is there any Prblem if we get married? If yes is thr any solutions?

    3. Sir we wish to know the remedies for Rajju Dosham, please let me know how to become a paid member to get your astrology match and remedies.

    4. thulam (swati girl) be matched with rishabam(rohini boy)? I saw it is possible through cancellation of rajju dosha.Is it true?Can you tell?sl.sasi19

    5. Sir,I am female. My Nakshatram is Magam, Simha ( 12,Oct-1993- 03.01 Am) and Male is Ashwini, Mesam (06, Dec-1992-07.20 Am). we dont have Rajju Porutham. what type of Rajju is this? Is there any solution?

      1. You should get checked if Paadha Rajju is getting cancelled or not. If it gets cancel, then marriage can be considered and there is no problems. If not then some parihar / remedy has to be considered before marriage.

        1. sir we have patha rajju .. mine is aaliyam and my partner is revathi .. whats the solution .. kindly help ..

    6. Hi Sir. My star is Avitam and my fiancée’s star is mirugasirisham. We were informed from the astrologers that we don’t have rajju porutham. Can you tell us if it can be cancelled? I just looked into the cancellation part and it says if nakshatra of boy and girl are in same rajju it can be cancelled. I saw that both Avitam and Mirugasirisham are there in siro rajju. So I understood that I can be cancelled. Please correct me if am wrong sir

      1. As there is same Rajju, Rajju porutham is not there. Siro Rajju gives problems related to health of husband. You should check if Rajju dosham gets cancel, if cancel marriage can be done. As what you are asking requires a detailed analysis of both horoscopes. I suggest that you may kindly look at Horoscope Matching Kundali Milan from below. https://astrologymag.com/store/?catid=16


        Navneet Khanna
        Vedic Astrologer

        1. Hi Sir,

          Can you let me know how to check if rajju dhosham can be cancelled?

          Also do we have any parigaram for that?

    7. Hi

      Could you please let me know whether Boy and Girl share same Rasi and Nakshatara then Rajju will be effective.
      Boy and Girl are both Meenam Rasi Uthradathi Nakshataram

      Please suggest.

      1. My star is moolam and my lovers star is punartham karkkidakam. Will you tell us that which rajju we have and what are its solutions

    8. My star is moolam and my lovers star is punartham karkkidakam. Will you tell us that which rajju we have and what are its solutions

      1. Same Rajju means Rajju dosham. Check Rajju Dosha gets cancel or not. If cancel then marriage can be done. Also check Nadi dosham or Nadi portutham chances are that you will also have Nadi problems in your horoscope matching.


        Navneet Khanna

    9. sir ,,my rasi -mithuna ,nakshtra mrigashira 4 pada ,
      my husbands vrushabha ,mrighashira 2 pada ,,,does we have rajju ,,we got married ,then what would be the remedie now sir ,

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