Controlling Misfortunes with the help of Astrological chart

Controlling Misfortunes with the help of Astrological chart

Problems in our life are certain. From the day we take the first breath till the last breath, life is a struggle. Some people may have problems related to finances; others may have problems related to career. Some are not happy that they are not married, while some are unhappy being married. Health, children, job, legal issues, relationships, the problems can be varied. Therefore problems are part of our every day existence and no one in this world can say with certainty that he or she has no problems. You may have a positive attitude and the approach towards handling the problems could be very mature and optimistic, but somewhere within us they do shatter us and ruin happiness.

Our sages have written in depth about the need to move away from the materialistic world and become more spiritual and connect with the Almighty God in whatever form you preach to stay happy and content.

Planets in any Astrological Chart have a lot of influence on our destiny and what we will receive in this world. There are some of us who struggle throughout their life and never receive the attention, recognition and appreciation for their efforts, while there are others who simply take the credit for others achievements. There are some who stay poor despite their enormous hard work and some who enjoy life and have all comforts because of their destiny rather than their efforts. Astrological chart can tell us entirely how much struggle and efforts are there in native’s life.

Planets have a direct role in our success and failure in life. Good and strong Jupiter gives wealth, bank balance, health as Jupiter is a curing planet. In the dasha of 6th house which will bring disease, the benefic dasha of Jupiter helps identify the problem at the early stage. Jupiter gives timely treatment and helps in curing the person. A malefic aspect in the period of 6th lord will only aggravate the problem.

Strong and benefic Venus bring romance and love during its period. There will be strong intimacy and sexual contentment. While a malefic influence would only build a physical connect but the mental compatibility would be missing.

Therefore benefic and exalted planets in the horoscope enhance goodness in the life while malefic and debilitated planets only bring misfortune and misery. To control and minimize the malefic effects of these planets in the native’s life, there are Upaye or ways to appease the planets. These remedies are strong and minimize the evil effects of malefic planets and bring back good results to the native.

Although I have lot of articles on my website, which are purely focusing on Astrological Remedies, I would still like to provide a synopsis of the same for the readers.

The Importance of Position of the Planets in Astrological Chart:

This is one of the most important factor to be considered when reading an horoscope. The planets in any Astrological chart which are found to be malefic, weak or unfavorable because of their position or aspect can create troubles for the native during their period and it is quite imperative to perform remedy of these planets to mitigate their evil effects. Some examples are given below:

1. Ketu or Sun posited in the 5th, 7th or 8th house causes many relationship and financial problems.
2. Rahu or Mars in the 2nd, 8th or 9th house gives injury and accidents to the native.
3. Mercury in the 8th and 12th house becomes weak to give any good results.
4. Debilitation Saturn and Jupiter make the native discontented, unfortunate and give lots of struggles in the native’s life.
5. Benefic in 8th and 12th house give tremendous troubles.

There are lots of other combinations that can create troubles in their periods. The good thing is that these malefic effects of the planets can be minimized significantly by following simple remedies.

Remedies of Planets for Immediate relief to the Native

Some immediate relief can be obtained by performing the following remedies; these remedies need to be done after studying the Astrology chart of the native.

Sun: Gur / Jaggery should be thrown in running water

Moon: Container of Milk or water should be kept near your head at night and offered to plant in the morning

Mars: Sweet food or (Patasha) made of sugar should be thrown in running water.

Mercury: Piece of Copper with a hole should be thrown in running water

Jupiter: Saffron should either be eaten or applied on Naval or putting a Tikka on forehead is beneficial.

Venus: Fodder to the Cow

Saturn: Offering of Mustard Oil every Saturdays

Rahu: Throw Coal in river.

Ketu: Offer food to two colored Dog.


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