Remedies to Increase Business profit – upay for vyapar vridhi

vyapar vridhi ke upay

The way each planet is positioned in your horoscope can determine whether your business will flourish or whether you will experience delays and obstacles every step of the way. When, inspite of your best efforts, your business fails to pick up and grow, looking at the planetary configurations in your birth chart brings to light the reasons that are at the root of the problem. Traditional remedies address the problems you are facing with your business. They enhance the positive impact of the planets that are beneficial for you and can weaken the influence of planets that are placed in inauspicious positions. These remedies remove obstacles, attract good luck and bring growth and prosperity to your business. Listed below are some powerful remedies for businessmen.

  1. Place an energized kuber yantra in your home and read the Shri-Sukt path or the Ratri-Sukt regularly for improving your finances. Keep an energized shree yantra in your place of business and worship it every day for business growth.
  2. Each time you buy supplies and materials for your business, distribute some toys among children.
  3. Make a garland of 7 chillies and 7 lemons. Hang it at the entrance of your place of business, in a way that the customers can see it.
  4. Before entering into a partnership with others, verify that the planets Mars and Rahu are favorably placed in your horoscope. If these planets are weakly placed, offer an oil lamp or candle to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. On Saturdays, pour 2 drops of honey on a peepal leaf. The leaf should be one that has naturally fallen from the tree and not broken from it. Put the peeple leaf in a river.
  5. On a Sunday of your choice, scatter some black grams and pepper on the floor of your place of business. Sweep the floor with a broom to collect the black grams and pepper. Bury these in an isolated place.
  6. Get an iron nail from a flourishing business establishment. Place the nail in a glass bottle along with some black udad dal (black grams). Worship it regularly with incense sticks. Keep the bottle in a place where the customers can’t see it.
  7. Take 11 Abhimantrit Gomti chakras. Place them in a red cloth. Put this in your cash box in your place of business.
  8. On a Saturday, take one peepal leaf and worship it with incense sticks. Place it below where you sit at your place of business. The next Saturday, follow the same procedure. Do this for 7 consecutive Saturdays. After 7 Saturdays, collect all 7 peepal leaves and place them in a river.
  9. Worship the goddess of wealth, Ma Laxmi, regularly. Light 9 ghee diyas (traditional lamps) at home and at your place of business, for enhanced prosperity.

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