Things you need to know when Mars is in the First House

mangal dosha

When Mars is in the first house or the ascendant, the native will want to have control over his own life. The native dislike restraints of any kind and cannot take orders. The native wants to be in charge of himself and take leadership role rather than following others. The native will be active, energetic but hot temperament, egoist, reckless and prone to take hasty decisions in life. The native will be short of decisive intellect due to his rashness and he will repent repeatedly after taking wrong decisions. Devoid of the pleasure of land and house and the native will lose respect in the society because of his actions.

mars in first house

When Mars is in the first house or ascendant, it aspects the 4th house of domestic peace and happiness. It also aspect the 7th house of marriage and spouse and 8th house of longevity. The 4th house brings family happiness and when the person is manglik, the family or domestic happiness reduces due to his actions. The native will be so independent and carefree that no matter how much family members want to influence the native he/she will revolt against family members.

 Seventh house is the house of sexual pleasure as it is one of the “Kama” house. The native will be excessively inclined towards material and sexual pleasure, it will incorporate a kind of sadism to the pleasure. Such a native is cruel towards husband or wife and the native will be bereft of happiness. 7th house is the joy of the 4th house, therefore huge ideological difference between the husband and wife will be there, which will disturb marital happiness. One person could be steeped in excessive sexual pleasure while other person could be cold and will have little or no interest in carnal desires. Separation, opposition, dishonor is natural in domestic life under these circumstances. Actually Mars burns happiness, household and intelligence by its aspect on these houses.

8th house is the house of longevity. If there is malefic influence on Mars and weak 8th house, the native will have health problems and uncontrolled sexual appetite. The native will have multiple partners.

Checking for Mangal dosha cancellation is important before marriage to ascertain marital happiness. If you have mangal dosha in your Lagna, it is best to check if Mangal dosha is getting cancelled, if not then doing Mangal dosha remedies will be important before marriage. Click below to visit the Astrology Forum to get your horoscope analysed and check if you are Mangalik.

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31 thoughts on “Things you need to know when Mars is in the First House

    1. As Mars is in its own Sign Scorpio it cancels Mangal dosha. However AS Mars is conjoined with Ketu in your Natal chart , this is not a good conjunction in your horoscope. Marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscopes to enjoy a blissful marital life.


      Navneet Khanna
      Vedic Astrologer

      1. Thank you sir for the analysis.
        Girl details:
        Will it be a suitable match?

        1. The impact of Mars when conjoined with Ketu is never good. Many books refer to Ketu as being similar to Mars and hence when Mars is conjoined with Ketu the native will get impact of double Mars in this life which is not good.

  1. Sir,
    My dob 28/08/1984,6:00am(Tarakeswar).
    When will i get married and how wud be my married life?
    On career front should i go for job or business?

  2. The natives of Mars in Ascendant are perceived to be vigorous and dynamic personalities who would be very much courageous and leaders in their approach.

  3. Hello Sir,
    My name is Mridul Manchanda. My DOB is 12th August 1988. Time: 10.50 a.m. Place is Agra.

    Please let me know if I am Manglik or not.

  4. Hello Sir

    1. Please let me know when I will get married ?

    2. Whether my would be husband working in Foreign country ?

    Date of Birth – 16th November 1982
    Time – 00 :16 am
    Place – Kota Rajasthan

    Thanks & Regards.

  5. Hi my dob is 13/02/1989 time of birth is 6:25 am
    Place of birth allahabad..

    Please advise me why am I not doing well in my career plus what about my marriage.

    Please share your thoughts.


  6. hello sir , I am not understanding about manglik calculation. some astrologer told me that manglik calculation only from ascendant.but some astrologer told me that manglik calculation both ascendant and moon chart. I am confused.which is true. please tell me.
    my dob-04/11/1987, 11:15 am , Contai, West Bengal
    my partner-04/10/1988, 04:40pm, Tamluk, West Bengal

    1. Mangal dosha calculation is seen from lagan or Ascendant and also from Moon. Some people also check from Venus. However checking from Ascendant and Moon is important. If the person is mangalik is both then he / she will be full mangalik which many refer as double manglik. If the native is mangalik from either one that is ascendant or Moon then the person is called as having partial or anshik mangal dosha.


      Navneet Khanna

  7. Hi sir
    I would like to know will these horoscope match
    Any possibilities of problems in marrying
    Concerned with the low mangal dosa in girl

    Dob 21/12/1990
    Time 11:15 am
    Place of birth : sharjah,UAE

    Dob 25/06/1989
    Time 12:20 pm
    Place of birth : kollam kerala

      1. Thanku sir…
        So can we proceed with the marriage??
        Is there any other problems in kundali that hinder marriage!!

        1. Sir …
          there is also varna and bhakoot dosa.
          What are the remedies to be done.?
          Plz reply sir.
          Can we proceed with the marriage?

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