Rose Quartz Crystal – Benefits of the Stone of Love

Rose Quartz Crystal

Pink Rose Quartz is a unique, precious, and natural stone. It is popularly known as a stone of universal love. It helps to restore peace, trust, understanding, and harmony in relationships. Pink Rose quartz creates an unconditional love between the couples. Rose quartz purifies the inner heart and allows the person to view the world with great love. Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful types of crystal, and it is an ideal decorative stone. The rose quartz stone has even been recovered from the Egyptian and Roman tombs. Besides improving your love life, it also brings personality enhancement. It makes you look beautiful and attracts other people towards you. It is also seen that the Pink Rose Quartz gives you a clear complexion and removes wrinkles, and makes you look young. The Pink Rose Quartz is one of the most popular stone types used for carving in Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan cultures.


Healing properties of Rose Quartz crystals 

· Rose quartz promotes self-love, develops a friendly nature, and helps the person to stay peaceful. it is believed that this stone is all about love and the people call this as “ Stone of Love”. It is a stone that you can wear yourself or can give your beloved for enhancing your love life.   

· It invokes the self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-worth

· It helps the wearer to stay peaceful and calm during times of distress.

· It dispels negative energy and brings positive energy.

· Rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system. it helps in releasing the impurities from the bodily fluids.

· Reduces high blood pressure and lung problems.

· Rose quartz has an incredible power to increase fertility and prevents miscarriage in pregnant women.

· Rose quartz is linked to the heart chakra. The Rose Quartz unblocks the heart chakra and prepares you for the new and beautiful future.

When you are heartbroken due to lost love or friendship, your heart chakra gets blocked. By wearing the rose quartz, the heart chakra is unblocked, and you will prepare yourself for the upcoming beautiful days to meet beautiful people in your life. Rose Quartz has the power to attract love back into your life.  You can buy Rose Quartz Bracelet for improving your love life. 


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The secret behind the pink color of the natural stone

The dusky pink stone is also called quartz crystal. The pink appearance of the stone is due to absorbing the minerals like manganese and titanium. The color of the crystal varies depending on the depth and minerals present in the rock. The color may differ from one blush pale, pale pink to dark rose color. This is one of the ideal stones used for jewelry. Most of the finest quality rose quartz comes from Brazil, the US, and China.

Where to place Rose Quartz in your Room.

As discussed above, the rose quartz is well known as a love stone; therefore, it works very effectively when placed in the bedroom or under the mattress. Placing the rose quartz objects in the southwest corner helps to develop and maintain strong relationships with everyone in the house. When the rose quartz objects are placed near the front door, it invites harmony into your home. Family members lead their life happily and peacefully when the rose quartz objects are placed in the house.  You can buy Rose Quartz Crystals from Amazon below. 

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Advantage of putting Rose Quartz on your Office Desk.

Putting the Rose Quartz on the office desk enhances your focus and creativity and makes you energetic at your workplace. In-office it will help you develop a better relationship with your collages and co-workers. You will develop a comfortable relationship with higher authorities and colleagues. It will help you achieve great things in your professional life, and promotions and monetary gains become common in your career.  You can buy Rose Quartz Stone Ball with a table stand from Amazon below. 


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Can Rose quartz attract money?

Definitely yes! Rose quartz is not only a lucky stone; it helps you to make the right decision at the right time that will lead you to financial success. for example you can take a piece of Rose Quartz with you while negotiating a deal, for a favorable judgment in court cases, job interviews, buying or selling houses, etc. You can buy a small piece of Rose Quartz from below. 

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How to use the rose quartz

Rose quartz can be used as jewelry, can be placed in a necklace, brooch and pendant etc. you can also keep the rose quartz in your pocket or purse. You can also place the rose quartz near the entry point of your house, bedroom, and office desk; keep on your mat while meditating as it is useful to unblock the heart chakra.
Rose Quartz Crystal - Benefits of the Stone of Love  Rose Quartz Crystal - Benefits of the Stone of Love


The rose quartz is a lovely gemstone which is popular for its amazing healing properties. It is worth buying the rose quartz in the form of jewelry or display collections. Its spiritual properties are outstanding and renowned. This is the reason why it stands as one of the top 10 lists, and more than all, it shows 0% negative side to the wearer. Rose quartz will improve and enhance your life in every possible way and creates an endless love around you.

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