Graha Maitri – Checks Mental compatibility in relationship

graha maitri

Graha Maitri – Checks Mental Compatibility in Your Relationship

The Janma Rashi which is your moon sign is ruled by a planet, it is known as Rashi lord. If there is friendship between the lords of the Janma Rasi of the Girl horoscope and the Boys horoscope, then harmony in the relationship is said to prevail. If there is no friendship in the Rashi lords then there will be strong ego clashes, arguments, strong differences of opinion and frequent conflicts, which in return can lead to separation and divorce. 

Graha Maitri koot matching is a very important part of Guna Milan or Kundali Milan. It is the 4th most important Koot in ashtkoot guna Milan as it has 5 score, just below Gana Koot, Bhakoot Koot and Nadi Koot.

What is Graha Maitri Dosha –

Graha Maitri Dosha is formed when the Graha maitri score is zero in Guna Milan. You need to note that Graha Maitri is a good indicator to match the mental compatibility of the couple. As we are referring to the moon, which is the significator of mind, here we are talking about mental compatibility of the partners in the relationship. A dosha in the Graha Maitri indicates no compatibility on the mental level.

Many times many young couple who visit me say that they feel a very strong compatibility. I need to remind them that there are two types of compatibility, one is the physical compatibility and the other is the mental compatibility. If there is only a physical compatibility then surely it will fail if it is not backed and supported with mental compatibility.

You also need to remember that If there are other doshas in horoscope matching  like Gana Dosha and Bhakoot dosha then marriage should not be considered unless there is strong Grah Milan and strong 7th house of the natives.

In the example given below we see that the rashi of the boy is Gemini and the girl rashi is Taurus. Mercury which is the lord of Gemini and Venus which is the lord of Taurus are friends we see that there is full Graha Maitri Score.  In this case the Horoscope matching will get 5 score out of maximum 5 in Graha maitri in Guna Milan.

horoscope matching

The Score of Graha Maitri is based as below.

  1. If both rashi are friends as in above example then full score – 5 Points
  2. If one rashi is friendly and other neutral – 4 Points
  3. If both rashi are neutral – 3 points
  4. If one rashi is friend and other inimical – 2 Points
  5. If one rashi is neutral and other enemy or both are inimical – 0 Points

Here are Some Example of Grah Maitri Matching –

Rashi of boy is Gemini and the girl is Virgo – 5 Points Full Graha Maitri Score

Rashi of boy is Taurus and girl is Aries – 1 point out of 5

Rashi of boy is Pisces and girl is Virgo – 0.5 out of 5

Rashi of boy is Aries and girl is Sagittarius – 0 out of 5

If there is Graha Maitri Dosha in the horoscope Matching, then you should get a detailed Guna and Graha milan done to be sure that there is happiness and bliss in your marital life. There is no point in marriage if there will be problems and no harmony in the relationship. As said Graha Maitri affects mental compatibility which is the most important for attraction between a happy couple.

To get a detailed Horoscope Matching – Kundli Milan, you can look at my paid services below.


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    25 thoughts on “Graha Maitri – Checks Mental compatibility in relationship

    1. Respected Sir,
      Greetings for the day!
      I am looking forward to get married and its an arrange marriage, A very good girl from good family is the proposal that me an my family are looking for My Birth details are 18th April 1986 Time : 20.30 , place : Amravati Maharashtra. where as Girls details are 5th June 1988 Time: 14.12, Place: Firozabad Uttar Pradesh.

      1. Sir, in Online Kundali Milan it shows 28 Gunas are matching all Gunas are going well and appears with Graha Maitri Dosha, will it be good to go ahead, do other good milan from ashtakoot minimise this Maitri DOsha.

      2. When matched from panditji he says 16 gunas are matching and not advised to proceed.

      Please give me your guidance.

      My email : [email protected]

      1. In your horoscope matching 28 Guna match. However the Graha Maitri score is very less, which is not good. As it indicates strong likes and dislikes, it also indicates ego problems between the couple. A String Guna milan is only half of the horoscope matching done. You should get a Gun and Grah milan done . Grah milan which is matching of the planets is equally important to gauge marital happiness. You can read more about Grah milan on this website.


        Navneet Khanna

        1. Hi sir, this is Sailaja. our Graha Maitri is not good. Mine is Jupiter and my husbands is ‘mercury’ . We got it like 0.5 (score). No compatibility between us. Because of this no peace in my married life . Please let me know the solution for this . Any Poojas or remedies? Please let me know ur contact number . Thanks

    2. Dear Sir


      I need your favor and support regarding the problem in the Kundli i hope you don’t mind helping me.

      I won’t waste much time and going through details in short.
      Girl details
      Name: Madhuri
      DOB : 01.05.1993
      Birth Time: 11: 30 – 11:00 PM Approx
      Birth Place: Maliya Hatina Junagadh Dist.

      Name: Parth
      DOB : 11.10.1988
      Birth Time: 11: 52 am
      Birth Place: Anand.

      Our family have matched the kundlis but they said its not possible, so i want your help to find remedies or solution.

      If our grahamaitri score is good can we proceed??

      I hope to hear from you soon

      1. GrahaMaitri is one of the many things that are checked in Kundali Milan. Gharamairti is also very important. It checks mental compatibility between the couple. If there is no GrahaMaitri, it means that there will be strong ego issues, likes and dislikes and difference of opinion. I can only comment on your horoscope matching after studying the birth charts of both.


        Navneet Khanna

        1. Hi sir.. I too have the same issue .. I’m and my family looking forward to get married to a groom., But out compatibility is 0.5. his home planet is Mars and mine is Jupiter. Do we have any remedy?? And can we proceed ahead to get married??

          1. 0.5 out of 5 is never good. It means a lack of mental compatibility. Get a complete horoscope checked to know the strength and weaknesses in your relationship.


            Navneet Khanna

      2. Hello
        The total Guna milan points we obtained are 27.5/36

        We got 0.5/5 in Graha maitri and 0.5/2 in vasya koot

        Will we have a happy married life? Are there any remedies which would help us?


    3. Total Marks Obtained
      The Guna milan between Nidhi and Himanshu is 25 Guna matching out of 36. There is Varna, Vashya dosha in your horoscope matching. Dosha indicates relationship problems, for which remedies need to be performed for Happy marital life.

      what should be done in this case sir
      please suggest

        1. I have 14/36 guna milan with the girl and 0 nadi match, 0 score. Please let me know if this relationship will end. I don’t want this marriage

    4. Hi Sir,

      Below is me and my partners’s kundali matching details. Our Maitri is not matching, its 0.5 out of 5. upto this point of time i’ve understood that its not the good match. Can you please help me out? is there any way to cancel out the maitri dosh?

      Guna Boy Girl Maximum Obtained Obtained Point Area Of Life
      Varna Bramhin Sudra 1 1 Work
      Vasya Jalch Manav 2 0.5 Dominance
      Tara Ati Mitra Kshema 3 1.5 Destiny
      Yoni Mesha Mahis 4 3 Mentality
      Maitri Moon Venus 5 0.5 Compatibility
      Gana Devta Devta 6 6 Guna Level
      Bhakoot Cancer Libra 7 7 Love
      Nadi Madhya Antya 8 8 Health

      Boy Details –
      DOB – 16-05-1994 10:15 PM
      Place of Birth – Mumbai

      Girl’s Details –
      DOB – 10-09-1994 1:40 AM
      Place of Birth – Mumbai

      Please help me out? we want to marry each other.

      1. Read my blog wherein there is a scientific method of checking horoscope compatibility. If you are interested come through Paid consultation.

    5. My DoB 06/08/86 time 0650 AM place Danapur Patna.
      . Girl DoB 22/12/92 time 0400 AM place Tires Kannauj UP. Grahmaitry shows only 0.5 points out of 05 and Nadi dish shows 0 points. Total Gun points are 18.5 out of 46.
      Should we go for marriage. And how to eleminate Maitry and Nadi dosh.
      What to do

      1. Read my blog wherein there is a scientific method of checking horoscope compatibility. If you are interested come through Paid consultation.

    6. My name is Arunav Khare, DOB is 02-11-1987.Time 9.58 pm,Place Pune India
      The girl ‘s name is Malya Prasad,DOB 11-5-1988,time 0.38 am.Place Patna
      Please let me know if we can get matrried? If there is any dosh please suggest the remedy.Thamks

      1. Read my blog wherein there is a scientific method of checking horoscope. If you are interested come through Paid consultation.

        1. Hi Sir,

          My name is Shalima Srivastava, I need a consultation, My dob is 19.2.1991 time – 9.15 am place Kanpur. Boy name is Nikhil Srivastava dob is 25.10.1989 time- 11.20 pm, place- Pratapgarh. We are already married but from sometime we are facing some problem like fighting and all. Can you please suggest what is the issue in our kundali and Everything will be ok if we do any remedy.

    7. Sir I am not very well in English and hindi because I lived in Andhra Pradesh I know only Telugu very well how can I approach you sir. I have a problem I can’t solve it. In astronomy I expect that it could solve. So plz help me sir how can I approach you sir

      1. Hello Sir,

        I would love to read your blog on vedic astrology. But I am unable to access your website. Could you repaste your website details?

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