Ruling Planets in K.P. Astrology

Ruling Planets in K.P. Astrology

A unique contribution of   late K.S. Krishnamurtiji  to the  science of Astrology is proper application of Ruling Planets or RPs . This never has been used in old astrological literature.

Ruling planets are   the planets that rule the mind of the querist, they decide the time of  events & they decide the fruitful or harmful nature of  events . Ruling planets are the planets that rule the time of Judgment.

 Ruling Planets are –

1         Ascendant lord

2         Ascendant star

3         Ascendant sub lord

4         Moon sign lord

5        Moon star lord

6        Moon sub lord

7        Lord of the Day

These Ruling  Planets  are very important & useful for SELECTION OF  LUCKY or FAVORABLE TIME of any   minor or major event of life  &    such   minor events are –

1   Arrival of  guest

2   Taking delivery of a vehicle

3   Appointment with a  officer  or Minister

4   Signing  a contract

5   Meeting bank officer for overdraft

6     Getting loan or donation

7     Success in love affair

8     Purchase of vehicle  or house

9      Opening a bank account

10  Starting a journey

11  Buy an article

12  To have a servant

13  Joining a service or occupying seat on promotion

14  Laying foundation of house

15  Time of operation etc.

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  1. respected sir i want to know the ista devata and mukya graha of this birth date 26.08.1997 .place of birth mumbai and time is 12.44 noon.thank you sir.

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