What is Pitra dosha – How Pitra Dosha Effect Us

What is Pitra dosha - How Pitra Dosha Effect Us

There are innumerable references in astrological literature & Mythological literature Brahma  Puran, Matsya Puran  , Garun  Puran  about pitra -dosha. Presence of pitra -dosha in horoscope can trouble the native with various   problems related to emotional, physical, social professional level in his life. According to references  — this dosha being KARMIC DEBT  or RINANUBANDHA  generated by  bad   deeds ( mansa vacha  karmana)  by   ancestors or by native himself in his previous births  as –Law of karmas  or deeds  in moral sphere teaches  that  similar  action will leads to similar results  . Do we not see that bad  deeds  done by grand – father or father or  by native himself  or family members   knowingly or unknowingly willingly or unwillingly give  a negative impacts on  present  & future life  of entire family  in form of  various sufferings  ?  In other words   wrong   actions done in past & wrong actions of present time affect the future of a man. Thus Karma  is basic concepts of pitra- dosha   so  some main reasons  are


 1 ) Bad  deeds or Karmas of the native in previous births  knowingly or unknowingly .

 2 )  Departed souls  or  forefathers  do not get peace ( shanty) or salvation ( mukti ) due to  their bad deeds ( knowingly or unknowingly or  willingly or unwillingly ) 

 3)      Bad deeds of children knowingly or unknowingly which are embarrassing the soul of our ancestors.

 4)  Existence of   incomplete worldly desires ( vasana or kamna ) &  dissatisfaction ( asantosh),  attachment  ( moha )  Durvasana ( Revange or curse) at the time of last breath  of a person   

5)   Accidental or unnatural or sudden & early death of ancestors causes  Pitra- Dosha .

 Lagna or 1st  , 5th & 9th house are  known as triangles represents life cycle or  Janmas .  1st  ,  4th , 7th   10th houses  are known as  Kendra  &  2nd house has an important  significant role  for  a native in form of  family , self acquired money . So   if 1  5  9  & 2  4  7  10 houses  or their  lords  get  afflicted  by  malefic planets  like  mangal , shani   rahu  or  ketu    by  placement   in  8th or 12th  house  or  aspected ( drishti )  or conjunction to the  lords    of houses create  Pitra – Dosha .

Lord of  any  above mentioned  house  placed  in 8th  or  12th causes  Pitra- dosha .

In general   House significance ( 8th  12th ) & Planetary   significance ( based on Benefic or malefic & natural  enmity  & friendship)  & their interrelationship , yuti  or aspect  is responsible  for formation of  any yoga good or bad  in Vedic Astrology.

Sun  is chief planet among nine planets represents  self, soul  & ancestors etc  so affliction of sun by placement  in malefic house or  in debilitated sign,  aspect or yuti with malefic planets – causes pitra -dosha .  

Chandra is karaka of mind   if  afflicted  -pitra –dosha .

Budha is a planet of nervous   system, reasoning , conscious mind , efforts  if afflicted   causes pitra -dosha .

Guru  a   benevolent   planet  if afflicted  causes pitra- dosha.

Lagna  or Lagnesh  or Chandra   if  placed in  debilitated sign, or   placed in 8th or 12th house with rahu or ketu denotes pitra – dosha .

5th  house lord  if  debilitated or afflicted  causes pitra –dosha

9th house or  if  debilitated or  its lord  is afflicted  by malefic planets  by  yuti or drishti  causes  pitra – dosha .

When lord of 10th house is placed in 6th or 8th  or  12th house  denotes Pitra- dosha .

Apart from this planetary yuti  or combination  also  denotes  pitra -dosha such as —

1)   Pitra tulya  dosha  -Sun  with budh   this  dosha generated  from a person regarded  as equal to   father  .

2)  Matree tulya dosha – Chandra   with  budha –  this  dosha generated  from mother or a woman  regarded as equal to mother . if Chandra aspects  rahu  or ketu  or  budha or shani or in yuti   with any  one  planet  .

3)  Bhatree dosha –   Mangal  with   budha  Dosha from  younger co-born brother or sister .

4)   Guru dosha –   Guru  with budha Doasha from  elder   brother .or Guru or from Guru brother .

 5) Stree dosha  -Guru  with Shukra – dosha from wife   or from wife of Guru  from wife of  a friend  etc .

 6)   Pitamaha dosha  -Guru   with Rahu  – dosha  from  grandfather , elder brother of father younger brother of  father etc

 7)  Guru is with Ketu – dosha  from Nation , village , city , neighbor , jeeva –jantu etc .

 8)  If Rahu or Ketu  is placed in   5th , 6th  ,  8th or 12th house with any planet

 9)  If Saturn is with Sun in any house or Sun is  aspected  by Saturn

Pitra dosha  denotes as  a  DEBT accumulated due to bad deeds  done by  the native or   by his ancestors in previous births  this debt has to  be paid by the  native in present life in the form of  sufferings as per quality of dosha or by doing some remedies) inform of good deeds,  or prayers , jap, charity etc   that may  help in reducing  this doshas .

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