Sade Sati Problems and Remedies

Sade Sati Problems and Remedies

The planet Saturn is widely considered as a planet whose malefic influence teaches harsh and bitter life lessons. Saturn is said to balance karma and karmic debts are paid by experiencing a period of hardships, losses, and ill-health. When Saturn transits thought the 1st, 2nd or 12th house from the moon’s position in the birth horoscope, in Vedic astrology, this period is called the Sade Sati. A literal translation means seven and a half, which is the time needed in years, for this transit to be completed. There’s no escaping this transit, as each person has to go through this phase at least once, and most often twice, as this cycle is repeated every 30 years.

The Sade Sati is much feared, as it is widely associated with a period of great difficulty. Typically, an individual going through this phase will experience massive financial losses, loss of livelihood, broken relationships, slander, loss of reputation, and ill-health. The Sade Sati period is divided into three phases of 2 1/2 years each, which total up to 7 1/2 years in all. The effects of Sade Sati also depends on the position of the other planets in the horoscope, some people may go through Sade Sati without noticing any ill effects at all, where as others may be really hard hit by it.

The three stages of Sade Sati:-

The first phase or Dhaiya of Sade Sati

In the first phase, the family members or relatives of the person going through Sade Sati are impacted, rather than the person concerned. The malefic effects are not as severe, as the severity builds up as the Sade Sati phase progresses.

The second phase or Dhaiya of Sade Sati

The second phase impacts the person’s home life, and the person may experience losses in income such as a loss of employment. Also, those who lose their job at this time, usually find it impossible to find another, inspite of being qualified for it.

The third phase or Dhaiya of Sade Sati

This is the most severe phase of the Sade Sati. The person may feel surrounded by problems of all sorts. The health of the person is impacted, there may be great emotional or physical suffering, and in some instances, the person may meet with serious accidents or worse.

An experienced astrologer can help by suggesting astrological remedies to counter or at least reduce the effects of Sade Sati. There are several remedies for this cycle in a person’s life, and they are effective and have stood the test of time.

Remedies for Sade Sati

1. Hanuman is traditionally called upon for help when the influence of Saturn is malefic. Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays, or every day, if time permits, brings good results.

2. A horse shoe is fashioned into an iron ring and worn on the middle finger of right hand to bring relief during Sade Sati.

3. Sesame oil is offered to Saturn every Saturday at the temple, to curtail the negative influences.

Sade Sati is dreaded by most and brings with it many difficulties. It is a time when adversity is faced to balance karma. There are many remedies available to offset the negative conditions faced during this transit of Saturn. Home remedies bring relief and consulting a Vedic astrologer, for personalized solutions, is advised as it brings great results.

Get a detailed Sade Sati Report which tell you in details how these 7 1/2 period of Saturn’s Sade Sati will effect the coming period of your life.

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