Fasting On Wednesdays – Budhwar Vrat

Fasting On Wednesdays - Budhwar Vrat

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Krishna and to the planet Mercury or Budh. Krishna is known by many different names including Hari, Gopal, Keshava, and Jagannath. Krishna, when prayed to with pure devotion and profound faith is known to fulfill the wishes and desires of his devotees. In some places Lord Vishnu is worshipped.

The Krishna mantra, when chanted for 108 times a day or more or a minimum of 3 times, if pressed for time, fulfills material desires and helps attain spiritual goals, too.

Lord Krishna mantra

Om Krishnaya namah (I bow to lord Krishna).

Wednesday fast or Budhvar Upvaas

People fast on Wednesdays as this brings the benefits associated with planet Mercury or Budh. These benefits include growth of business and a happy and peaceful home life. Mercury grants intelligence, good judgment and wit. He also bestows success in education, harmonious relationships and success in artistic ventures. Green is the color of this day and emerald is the stone associated with Mercury.

The Wednesday fast involves having a single meal in the day, which is the afternoon meal. Mercury is connected with brainpower and mental acumen. The Wednesday fast helps by making the devotee wise and intelligent. Mercury can also bestow prosperity. Observing this fast removes problems from life and brings good fortune and happiness.

Wednesday Fast Method

The Wednesday fast is most often observed for 21 consecutive Wednesdays. This fast is started from the first Wednesday of Shukal Paksha. Green color clothes should be worn on this day, and recite the Beej mantra of Budh minimum 3 Mala. Mercury is prayed to at the start of the day, after having a bath. Offerings, that are green in color, are made. Meal is taken once a day and do not have salt in the meals, but can have Halwa made of Moongi Dal or Pangiri made of Moongi or Moongi ka Ladoo can also be taken. In the evening, the Vrat Katha is read aloud. The ideal offerings to Mercury include jiggery, boiled rice and curd.

Mercury Mantra

The beej mantra is powerful and contains concentrated power. The beej mantra or the seed mantra for Mercury is

Om bram breem broum sah Budhaya namah’

‘Om bum budhaaya namah’

Other remedies for Mercury

Worship of Lord Vishnu is said to please Mercury. Those interested in gemstones can wear an emerald stone, to reap the benefits associated with Mercury. Donating green color food items, such as green gram or a green pumpkin to the poor, especially to a student from a weak financial background, brings the blessings of Mercury. The other remedies for strengthening Budh are wearing Green clothes, Watering Tulsi planet, offering Green Fodder to the Cow, keeping good relations with Massi, Cousins, etc

Wednesday is an auspicious day in Hinduism as it is associated with Lord Krishna and the planet Mercury. Chanting mantras bring immediate and lasting relief from the difficulties in life and grants the devotee his heart’s desire. Fasting on Wednesday brings harmony in personal relationships, wealth, better intellectual capacities and overall success in life.

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