Saturn in Sagittarius Transit – How It will affect You

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is believed to be the great teacher among the planets. Saturn is move from the dark and emotional Scorpio into the philosophic and freedom loving Sagittarius. It is estimated that this transit will take a period of at least two and half years and bring change to not only the personal level of your life, but also to the social, ethical and your morals.

The planet Saturn is the planet that makes energy manifest itself, bring together things and combine them into a physical and tangible result. Saturn rules all forms of limitation and brings order to chaos. However, there are times when it creates a sense of heaviness and stagnation. When we do not have a healthy relationship with Saturn, we will feel resentful about the commitments that we have made. In addition to that, it may result in feeling bogged down by routines and responsibilities.

The relationship between Sagittarius and Saturn:

As mentioned, the Sagittarius is all about free spirit. To them, enjoying life means exploring new cultures and seeing things from other people’s perspective. Saturn on the other hand appreciates order and structure. A Sagittarius will therefore always want to break free from this box. They always want to expand their ideas about the world and learn new things.

How the Saturn Sagittarius transit will affect you

When Saturn gets into Sagittarius, the principles of contraction and expansion, represented by Saturn and Jupiter respectively will come into relationship. As a Sagittarius, how these principles come into play will depend on how you have been managing these principles so far. The principles, dogmas and beliefs that you have held so far may be questioned a lot by this new Saturn Sagittarius Transit. If you have been too much of a free spirit, you will find yourself getting challenged to make decisions and choices that will quiet down the chaos in your life and bring some order.

On the other hand, if you have been treating things a little too seriously and holding on to moral beliefs that do not allow you to step out of the mental moral line, you may find yourself getting challenged to ease up a little and embrace the adventurous spirit within you.

The wisdom years:

Whether or not Sagittarius learns to play smarter will depend on the choices they make at the moment. However, in the duration of the transit of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, people that belong to the Sagittarius sign will get much better educated. They will learn the truth about where they stand in life currently and where they are headed. This Transit will teach what is most important for you to know, things that are important to stop and where to focus to get your results.

These are some of the things that will be important to understand as a Sagittarius as the transit of Saturn comes from Scorpio to your horoscope. The important thing is to allow Saturn the teacher to instill in them the wisdom and stability that they need to deal with the next chapter of their existence.

Take a look at your natal chart and see in which house the Saturn in Sagittarius transit is taking place.  This will give you the key to understand how this transit for next 2 and ½ years will affect you individually.

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7 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius Transit – How It will affect You

  1. Dear Sir

    I am Niranjan, Born on 20th Sept 1966 in Singapore at 0700am
    I would like to know about career & the coming effect of Sade-satti on mu last phase
    nothing is going right for me..
    Please advice me

  2. Saturn is presently in the sign of Scorpio as per Vedic Astrology and will transit into Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. You will begin your last 2 1/2 years of Shani Sade Satti. One thing to remember that for people whose Rashi is Scorpio , do have a very strong Sade Satti, the reason is that Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. Therefore under affliction of Saturn the debilitated Moon gives worse results. Health issues are likely to be there. Hacing said that you are also running the period of Sun and Rahu. The Sun – Rahu period is also not good till April 2017. The period after April 2017 will show much better results.

    If you seek further astrology guidance please ask your Question on the Astrology Forum. The link is given for your reference — Enter Astrology Forum


    Navneet Khanna

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  4. Dear Sir

    I am Mathrubootham, Born on 07th June 1967 in Tiruchirappalli at 10.20 pm (night) (Amavasi wednesday)
    How will be further career? I am jobless for the last 7 months? Where & when I get job? How will it be?
    I am much worried, as I am head for 5 family members including me. I was in Qatar job, will I go Qatar another company, or Africa side or India itself, No offer coming……Please advice me, mathrubootham+91-7358245568

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am amit soni and birth details is below.

    Place:-Nadiad, Gujarat, India.

    Current job is not satisfied and this job also is ready for give up. I want to know what is the best job I will receive and also advise me what is the best for me job or business.? I have done mairrage before 10 years and also no child.

  6. Namaste,
    I was born on Sept 22nd 1 am 1949 in Kollegal, Karnataka state. For the past ten years I have been facing lots of problems such as accidents, financial losses, loss of job, all with no fault of mine, also sudden death in the family.

    My daughter who was born in Spokane,WA on May 8th, 1981 at 10:13 am (latitude 47 deg, 39 min N and longitude 117 deg, 27 min W is still not married.

    Please tell me as to when things will get better and when will my daughter get married?

    Instead of calling on the phone, I am writing this email.  Thank you very much for your help.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am Sumithra, married with a child and presently residing in UK. I am a research scientist by profession.
    My details:
    DOB: 14/02/1977
    Star: Moola, Dhanush rasi
    Place: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
    TIme: 11:45 am

    My question is that I am unable to achieve professional success. My job is temporary at present, please let me know if this Sani Transit will be good for me and will I get success in my career, in terms of a permanent job. It will be quite helpful to know your suggestions.

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