Scorpio and Capricorn – Love and Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility

The Scorpio-Capricorn match is a spectacular one. Both signs are similar with similar approaches to life and similar needs in a relationship. When these two zodiac signs are in love, what springs forth is an exciting relationship with a shared resolve to progress. This couple is clear on their goals and there is little that can stop them. Scorpio and Capricorn are committed and value security in the relationship. This is a decent relationship as both signs are thoughtful, caring, reserved and kind, with not much time for the superficial and trivial in life.


Scorpio- Capricorn Love, Nature and Sexual Compatibility

The Scorpio-Capricorn relationship is a serious relationship with many indications of being a very long-lasting and fulfilling partnership as long as neither partner does anything deceptive. They both are signs that “can do bad all by themselves” and achieve a lot on their own; however, together they can move mountains when they direct both their energies to a singular purpose.

The Scorpio Male: Underneath his cold exterior, the Scorpio man is very sensitive and feels lonely and unfulfilled. However, often times he will not let his partner know this. He is also jealous, possessive, passionate and intense. He craves intimacy.

The Scorpio Female: The Scorpio woman is very emotional, and demanding. She is also very mysterious and hides her real feelings underneath a cold exterior, just like her male counterpart. She is not easy to ‘woo’ and does not trust people easily. She may not show it, but she wants a close, committed relationship.

The Capricorn Male: The Capricorn man is very loyal, physical and passionate. Underneath his cold unemotional exterior lies a deep yearning for love but it somehow always eludes him as he does not trust easily.

The Capricorn Female: The Capricorn woman is classy, conservative, loyal and practical. Like her male counterpart, on the outside, she seems not to give a hoot about love. Deep inside, however, it is another story as she is romantic and loving. She is also a bit traditional and so likes to be courted as a lady.

The Scorpio-Capricorn match is one in which both signs really understand each other and their partner’s needs.  They rarely have conflicts on most issues and both partners seem to intuitively know how to keep the other happy while not sacrificing too much.

Sometimes, too much of a good thing actually is bad- both signs have a strong sense of independence and dominance which would lead to power and leadership tussles within the relationship. Capricorn will not budge and Scorpio will not enjoy being dominated; as a result, Scorpio will rebel against Capricorn. Over time, this will be resolved as both signs realize that they are at their best when they view each other as being equal in the relationship. Scorpio will also need to teach Capricorn to open up his/her heart as Scorpio craves deep emotional connection while Capricorn, on the outside, seems aloof, detached and unemotional.

Scorpio- Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn have strong sexual compatibility. This is a match that has every indication of being a very strong long-term and fulfilling relationship.

You’re both diligent employees, who esteem security. You’re both held, and value a decent home environment. You both ordinarily want to stay in as opposed to going out. [review]


One thought on “Scorpio and Capricorn – Love and Sexual Compatibility

  1. I am a Scorpio woman and I worked over the phone with a Capricorn man and finally met him the end of June, there was an immediate attraction that I have never felt before, I had to shake it off when I got to my car and all we did was speak to each other. I text him later and thanked him and he said was pretty impressed himself. I met him at his office after it was closed and then again during a preview. He text me and we have a lot in common. I don’t know where this will lead but I do know that I am deeply in love with him and nothing has happened, how can that be? It felt like I have known him all of my life it was like a magnetic force. I am married for years not really happy but no where to go so I stayed and never thought about leaving. He has been on my mind constantly since I met him. I have never been unfaithful and never paid attention to anyone else in over 40 years. I’m so confused and he still text but never wants to meet, he is always busy. So I think I may as well forget him and go on as I always have. I will never forget him.

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