Seek Astrology help and use stars to your advantage

Seek Astrology help and use stars to your advantage

When thinking about astrology , we tend to forget that besides looking at the stars for fated future events, we can also use astrology as a helping guide in planning and achieving our dreams.

The planet Jupiter is well known as a ruler of luck, fortune, optimism and of expansion in general. When Jupiter is aspecting the Sun in your natal chart, that includes even the hard aspects, you should grab the opportunity to network, rewrite and polish your resume, then boldly go on a job search. Jupiter will work it’s magic, for sure.

Hard work, stability and responsibility are all terms that describe the ruler ship of the planet Saturn. When Saturn makes an aspect to planets in your natal chart be prepared to dig deep and work hard. If you respect the obligations and restrictions Saturn puts on you, in the end, you will be rewarded with a promotion or a new job.

Rahu is the planet of the unexpected, the new and exciting. When Rahu aspects planets in your natal chart be prepared for anything. You can lose a job or even start a completely new career. Accept the challenge and be adventurous.

Ketu, the planet of dreams, illusion will not be serving you well, when making an aspect to your Sun. It can make you delusional, to idealistic and dreamy without needed stability. You cannot let the influence of Ketu make you lose sight of what’s important, or you may end up giving up a good position for a dream job that has no validity in reality.

Mars transiting your Sun can make you more focused and determined as is the planet for initiative, you will be willing to go deep, even completely transforming yourself through the process. A transformation may be made through some kind of counseling that will help you improve yourself, your professional skill set and your view of the world and yourself.

If you would like to get better acquainted with yourself and the possibilities that astrology can provide you, it would be wise to contact a professional astrologer, who would be able to help guide you in your job search and career.

In any case, it is important to remember that all of us have the ability to become whatever we want to be. To become whole, integrated and content with ourselves, that is our right and obligation in this life. When looking for a job, always stay positive, work on yourself and follow your dreams, whether it be your career or life in general.

Be brave and wise, use the stars to your advantage, and they will come to your aid.


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