Is there Stock Market Crash in 2018 – Astrology Prediction

stock market correction

Stock market rally. Each passing day, we see a record being marked by the stock market. Be it Nifty or Sensex, we see the index rising its mercury to a new level. Though the economic indicator indicates a slow down of GDP to an approx. 6.5% for FY 2018. Let us understand through the prism of astrology if the market rally could continue?

As the bears says it, with the Private investments are down, Consumption and demand in the rural markets are tepid, Government spending is yet to pick up and finally Export earnings are also not supportive, clearly indicates that the markets are stretched. Therefore, the rationale that a correction is warranted cannot be ruled out.

Now, let us see how does the astrological stars are indicating the future of share market in 2018. The year 2018, has already indicated the rise of the market to a new level. This trend will continue to be seen for few more weeks. To be precise, 5-6 weeks more. The overall sentiments will be gung-ho and you will see the mercury rising after each week.

Towards the end of February or from the learning March 2018, signs of weakness cannot be ruled out. It would be stretched beyond means. To be closer to a date, from 9th of March till 9th of July 2018, Markets will see major correction on the cards. This will make it difficult for those at the retail level to exit. Losses will be high and investment stakes will be huge. Those in desperation will plan to book losses and exit. Ideally, from an astrological point of view, you are advised to hold it until the end of July 2018. Markets will slowly pick up demand. Though the pace will be slow, but the upswing is real.

Towards the end of December 2018, one will find the markets again getting back to normal and would set a new base to start from there on. It would be ideal to book profit in the current bull run and then during correction re-enter the market. By this, one can arbitrarily make gains and book profits.

Now from the astrological point of view, all the blue chips will see big corrections. Nav-Ratna stocks will come to its fair value. Around April and May, BFSI stock will see some slow down. By this, many of the stretched stock will bottom down.  Later, once we move away from 9th of July, the markets will see resilience.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above is a simple astrology analysis by an Astrologer and cannot be a substitute to the professional advice provided through financial / stock market consultant.  Kindly base your stock market buy/sell decisions upon proper research and professional advice. is not a stock market research website and the opinion above is for entertainment/research only and cannot be substituted for a professional advice. User discretion is necessary.

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  1. Hi

    Do you comment on US stock market too? How do you perceive stock market run from December 2018 till 2020. e.g. higher up to May 2019 and then correction till 2020 as an example.

    Will correction if that takes place in 2019 be world wide OR limited to US stock market only?


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