Understanding Problems in marriage with Astrology – Horoscope

Problems in Marriage

Nowadays there are problems of separation between the couple are plenty and sometimes it may lead to divorce also. Let us see how astrology explains the separation of divorce. The following instances are causing problems in marriages.

  • When, Sun, Rahu, Saturn and Mars, all or at least two influences the Lord lf 7th house or 7th house separation is possible.
  • If 7th house hemmed between malefic or malefic planet placed in 7th house or 7th lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house or conjunction with malefic.
  • Debilitated 7th lord or combust of 7th lord
  • If 2nd house hemmed between malefic or influenced by malefic
  • Debilitated, retrograde Venus in 7th and 4th house will lead to divorce.
  • 6th house or lord of 6th house is in conjunction or associated with the lord of 7th house, causing legal separation.
  • Sun is a most powerful and its connection with 7th house will create problems/ misunderstanding with the couples.
  • Sun and Mars association or conjunction in any house will create misunderstanding and separation in married life.
  • Rahu/ ketu in 2nd and 8th house also cause delayed marriage and misunderstanding
  • Ketu / Moon Rahu/sun conjunction in 2nd or 7th may lead to misunderstanding.
  • Punarphoo Dosha I,e conjunction of Moon and Saturn will cause problems in married life.

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