Get Success in Competitive Exams with Astrology

Success in competitive exams

Get Success in Competitive Exams with Astrology

These days one can only be effective with the help of excellent knowledge. It is essential to get in to a correct academic flow which matches your Profession. Astrology offers accurately on these issues and gives an understanding in chartering your academic leads. According to astrology, 4th house of horoscope indicates about primary knowledge, 5th house indicates about intellect and intermediate education and 9th house is the house for higher knowledge. 6th house is the house of competition.

Strong 6th house is a must for success in any field, may be you are appearing for IAS, IPS, Banking Jobs. It is also important for success on stage performance, fashion and beauty pageant or any other competition. Sun in the 6th house promises gains from Govt. The native will win in govt. competitions/exams. Mars in the 6th house signifies a bold personality who will do anything to defeat the competitor, can even cheat if he feels that he cannot win otherwise. Saturn in the 6th house the native will be very tactful and diplomatic in tacking the competitor. He will be thoughtful and unprovoked easily. Rahu in the 6th house will make the native very strategist and planner. Unexpected gains in competition can also be there.

 If, you’re experiencing surprising challenges in facing competition or want to know remedies for Success in Competitive Exams then this post is just for you:

Remedy 1: Chaint this mantra with Tulsi mala on Wednesday at any practical time:

Guru  Griha Gaye Padhan  Raghurayi |
Alp  Kal  Vidhya  sab  payi ||

 गुरु   गृह  गए  पढ़न  रघुराई  |
अल्प कल  विद्या  सब  आई ||

Doing this Mantra will help your result in your Exams. It will help you concentrate more and also be more focused. Do this Jab before your studying and exams minimum 21 times. While doing this mantra Jab focus on Lord Ram or keep a picture of Lord Ram in front of you.

Remedy 2: Hang a picture of goddess (devi) Saraswati over your study table or table so that the picture is at your eye level while you sit for studying. Before starting light a stick of incense and say this mantra 21 times while looking at the goddess:

‘Om Aim Sarasvatai Namaha’

Remedy 3: Taking juice of basil (tulsi) along with little Honey in the morning enhances memory. It will strongly help you in your exams.

Remedy 4: Use a ten-face (Dasmukhi) rudraksh. It can be worn around your neck or tie it on your right arm. This simple remedy gives quality of thinking and focus.

Remedy 5: If you experience disruptions or problems in knowledge then on sixteen successive Fridays give fodder to the cow.

Remedy 6: Recite the below mantra 108 times daily:

‘Om bum Budhaaye namaha’

Remedy 7: Mercury rules the intellect. Mercury is also the kakra for knowledge. Afflicted Mercury in a birth chart causes disruptions in knowledge or failing in evaluation. Every Wednesday consume Sabut moong dal and also water the Tulsi plant.

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  1. Thanks for giving the remedies for success for exams. I have done the above for few days and felt the difference. I wish I had known these remedies and it would have surely helped me in my academic life 🙂

  2. my dob is 18-10-89 tell me about my merrige, i have love merrige or arrange and about my carrer

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