How to Conceive a baby with Astrology

Conceive a baby with Astrology

Conceive a baby with Astrology

Astrology is a beautiful science that holds answers for any queries regarding anything such as career, financial crisis, health and other important areas, in your mind. One of the most important sections where astrology plays a vital role could be the help rendered by astrology for couples to become parents. If you are facing issues related to conception then you can certainly conceive a baby with astrology.

There are times where couples face problems due to which they cannot have children. The 5th house rules children. Strong Jupiter indicates happiness from children. Good aspect of Jupiter in ones horoscope indicates good, obedient and healthy children. If the 5th house be occupied by benefic planets or has an aspect of benefic planets then children will be a source of happiness. If the 5th house is occupied by malefic or has heavy affliction of malefic planets than adverse results can be expected. The happiness of children is certain when the lord of 5th house is in a friendly sign, exalted, aspected by benefics.

The placement of Jupiter in the 5th house indicates more Girl children, except when male sign is rising in the 5th house and the Jupiter itself is in the male Nakshatra. If Mars is in the 5th especially in a ladies horoscope, it indicates that she will have a cesarean baby. If Mars in 5th house has affliction of Rahu then it indicates strong chances of miscarriage, especially in a girl’s horoscope. If Saturn is in the 5th house and the 5th  lord is in conjunction with Rahu, there will be a delay in having children.  If 5th lord is in the 6th house, it indicates that the child will remain sick and need frequent medical attention.

You should remember that the Nakshtra Shravan, Rohini, Anuradha, Swati, Revati, Uttrashada, Uttrabhadrapad, Shatbisha are favourable while Pushya, Dhanishta, Mrigshira, Ashwini, Chitra are less but still favorable while the rest are not good Nakshtra in case of conception.

Ashtakvarga is a good system in Vedic astrology to determine the strength of Jupiter and the 5th house which are important for children. Although Ashtakvarga it is quite complicated due to large number of calculations that are involved by many pandits, thanks to the latest software’s which have adopted Ashtakvarga in their system and you get all calculations at a click of a button. As per Ashtakvarga Jupiter must have minimum 5 bindoos or points during the period that you want to try sexual intercourse.  Jupiter should be in kakshya of a friendly planet. If there is a desire for a male child then Jupiter should be in a kakshya of a male planet such as Jupiter itself, Mars and Sun. If a female child is preferred then Jupiter can be in the kakshya of a female planet such as Venus and Moon. Jupiter should not be in the kakshra of either Saturn or Mercury as they are eunuch planets.


Kundli Milan for judging Happiness from Children: 

Use the Divine Science and Conceive a baby with Astrology. The system of Kundli Milan or horoscope matching is unique in India and is one great method of finding out if there can be problems related to having children. In Ashtkoot Gun Milan there are 36 points total of which maximum 8 points are for Nadi. Nadi basically deals with progeny therefore it has the maximum points in Ashtkoot Guna Milan. During horoscope process if the Nadi score is 0 it indicates Nadi dosha. Couple having Nadi dosha face problems in conception and if they do they pass diseases which are of heredity type. Although there are certain exceptions under which Nadi dosha can be ignored, Nadi dosha should never be ignored if it falls in the Nadi Paad Vedha Chakra, as this suggest that it is a complete Nadi Dosha and the couple will certainly face problems related to children.

When a couple are not able to conceive there are various physical factors are responsible for this condition, which might arise either because of men and also women. It is essential that the Beej and Kshetra Sphuta be checked for the male and female horoscope. Beej and Kshetra Sphuta is known as the sperm and ovary test of the couple.


How does astrology help in determining the conception dates?

During the ovulation period of time the women has three days maximum with positive conception plans before the ova expels. Look at the transit as the period close to the full moon is good period for conceiving. Therefore you can seek the advice and guidance of your astrologer for calculating the transits in their Ephemeris for determining perfect dates for conception in the following six months and more for judging the best days for conceiving a baby.

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