Super Moon Purnima -Full Moon 23 June 2013

Super Moon Purnima -Full Moon 23 June 2013

Vedic astrology is Moon based because it signifies the mind. We are ruled by our mind in our day to day life. Our Mind is our “Man” in Hindi. We hear all the time people say including ourselves “Aaj Pizza Kane ka man hai”, “Aaj movie dekne ka Man hai”. The importance of Moon cannot be underestimated as is the deity of water, it rules the tides of the sea. The reservoir of rainwater and has strong influences on our psychology, sweetness in speech, affection, respect, happiness that we give and derive from people. Astrologically is it proven that when people are born on Pooranmasi or Poornima (Full Moon) they are more happy in life, content, loving, affectionate than those who are born under the influence of Amavasya (New Moon). As the Moon is combust with Sun it is unable to give its own light. People born on Amavasya live a life of stress and tensions. Small things seem to worry them. They suffer from depression, tend to be erratic and negative vibes are common in them as the good aspects of Moon are missing from their horoscopes.

On 23st of June we have the Jyaishta Purnima (Full Moon), but this full moon is very special as we are going to have a SUPER MOON. The influence of the Moon will be the strongest because Moon will be the closest to the earth and this Purnima will see the largest full Moon of the year in 2013.  Astronomers call this perigee full Moon, the word perigee is the Moon’s closest point to earth. Moon would be 15 % bigger in size and 30 % brighter. Given the closeness of the Moon and its strength it is an ideal day or Poornima to fast and be spiritual. Donate some items to the poor and spread positive vibes amongst family members and even people you do not know. Love and affection will truly be reciprocated around you with the blessings of the Almighty. Keep the fast or vrat if possible if not then recite Mantra as given below.

OM SHRI CHANDRAYA NAMAHA 108 times at night for benefits.

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