Taurus and Aries Love Relationship and Compatibility in Bed

Aries Taurus compatibility

With Taurus ruled by the planet of love, Venus and Aries ruled by the planet of passion, Mars, this relationship is a match made in heaven since they both find in the other partner something that they lack themselves. However, it’s not all rosy all through – what relationship is anyway?

Taurus – calm and passive

It takes a great deal to provoke Taurus off the chains into firing back at his Aries partner. This is a very good thing as Taurus won’t take Aries’ hotheadedness and tantrums personally. But, this has a limit as the Taurus can only take so much before snapping and losing patience. When this happens, even Aries will wonder what hit them.

It is thus advisable that the Aries partner understand the limit beyond which things won’t be so colorful.

Aries – bold and domineering

Aries always aims at getting what Aries wants most of the time but Taurus too can be very stubborn and unrelenting. Aries is constantly moving at terminal velocity and may find Taurus to be too slow which is actually a good thing as this is exactly what Aries needs, someone to always keep you in check and stabilize you.

Money can be a sore topic because Aries prefers turning it up and spending all the money while Taurus finds pleasure in retaining most of the money.

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

As partners, these two are made for each other. Taurus comes with the much needed sense to Aries rash and ‘living on the edge’ kind of life. In the same light, Aries comes with a lot of excitement and fire into the union which is a great thing for Taurus, who can at times get stuck in a rut. The compatibility of these two signs is mostly positive and even if a relationship doesn’t quite work, they make very good and close friends.

Compromise is key in this relationship, however, neither of Aries and Taurus are very good at bending over backwards to the other’s will and so the secret is to build on a mutual respect and trust for it to allow reasonable compromise.

The main challenge is that this relationship can be equal parts annoying, boring and frustrating until you two start meeting in the middle.

Taurus and Aries – Sexual Compatibility

Initially, both Aries and Taurus are on different pages. Taurus prefers emotional, slow and sensuous sex that is more traditional and mostly after a good meal while Aries is more into spontaneous quickies at whatever time and whatever place.

Taurus wants to be wooed or woo at a slow pace while Aries just wants a wam-bam-thank you kind of relationship and is unlikely to do things like buy roses and a box of chocolates.

For the best compatibility, Aries should take things slower and take the pace that is enjoyed by Taurus. When Taurus responds with the most sensual smile and wide open arms, it will all be worth the wait.  On the other hand, Taurus needs to turn up the heat and try matching Aries. These two need each other, period!

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