How to unblock chakras of Your Body with these easy steps

unblock chakras

When the seven chakras of the body are in alignment we experience optimum health and happiness. This is why it is so important to maintain a balance in the chakras. By keeping these energies in proper balance they will serve you well by healing and protecting you from potential ailments. There are several simple actions you can take to achieve the balance you need. Learning these actions is important because it is important to realign the chakras on a regular basis. Learn how you can energize/ open/ unblock chakras of your physical body with these easy steps.

How to Unblock Chakras of your body


Be Rooted In Stability

Unblock Root Chakra: The root, or red chakra represents our foundation and stability. To heal this chakra you should consume lots of naturally red-colored foods such as red peppers, strawberries tomatoes and red beets. Try walking around barefoot and dancing around with a lot of hip movement. You can also increase your use of oils such as cedar, clove and myrrh. Taking these steps can help you to stabilize the spiritual foundation of your body.

Being Sexy, Creative and Accepting

Unblock Sacral chakra: Your creativity, sex drive and your ability to accept new situations and people derive from the orange or sacral chakra. Adding oranges and carrots to your diet can help replenish this chakra with energy. Soaking in warm and soothing baths scented with sandalwood is another way to bring back your positive energy in this area.

Being Confident and In Control

Unblock Solar Plexus Chakra: The solar plexus is the yellow chakra. This is the center of your confidence, your thoughts, feelings and your ability to maintain control in your life. To re-infuse your energy here you should go outside and soak up some sunshine. Dine on corn and yellow squash and drink chamomile tea to add more energy.

Love and Be Loved

Unblock Heart Chakra: Our green chakra is out heart chakra. When this one is properly maintained it gives our ability to love and be loved by others. It is also connected to our ability to enjoy the people and things we love. East lots of green leafy vegetables, avocados and drink green tea to feed this chakra positive energy. Use rose and bergamot oil generously to really get the most positive energy to this part of your body.

Speaking Your Truth

Unblock Throat Chakra: The blue, or throat chakra represents our ability to speak our truth and be an effective communicator. Singing in there is a way to give this chakra the energy it needs. Speaking positive words if honest to those around you is another way to go about this. You can also use lavender and sage oil to get more energy in this area.

Knowing, Insight and Vision

Unblock Third Eye Chakra: Our indigo chakra is our third eye which allows us to have the ability for insight, vision and spiritual knowing. Start to listen closely to conversations and search for deeper messages. Get in tune with yourself and recognize if the energy vibration you are feeling is negative or positive. Be sure to take time to praise yourself when you are able to guess something correctly.

Connecting Spiritually

Unblock Crown Chakra: At the top of your head is where your purple crown chakra is located. Be sure to take the time to meditate and do things to become inspired. Enjoy uplifting books and movies. Eat more blueberries, eggplant and purple grapes. Do this and you will give yourself more energy to properly connect with your spiritual self.

When you make the time to love yourself and regularly take these steps to balance your chakras you will notice several positive effects in your daily life and your contribution to the universe.


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