Taurus and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

taurus sagittarius compatibility

This relationship comprises of the lover and the adventurer. There are so many differences that if they are to have a strong and meaningful relationship, they have to learn from each other. Taurus is very cautious and practical and can also be very jealous and possessive when provoked. Sagittarius on the other hand is more into searching for travel, a good education, and truth and justice.

Taurus and Sagittarius – Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius have a lot of work to do from the onset of their relationship as they have to come to neutral ground where both their needs are met. However, this is not to mean that they do not have an attraction. Taurus is very attracted to the dare devil character of Sagittarius as a fling. It is all very captivating and dangerously exciting but not what Taurus has in mind for a long term relationship.

Sagittarius is attracted to the stability and sensibility of Taurus and they have a very exciting carnal relationship that they both really enjoy but would rather not admit openly especially if they are yet to establish the direction their relationship is taking.

If Taurus and Sagittarius give this relationship a chance, they will soon discover that they actually have a lot of shared beliefs and values such as a passion for sensibility and honesty with each other. Taurus has never been known for telling lies or making things seem like they are not in real life. Sagittarius too is known to be very plain and blatantly honest though not with malice.

Faithfulness and fidelity are very big for Taurus while Sagittarius usually has no problem having more than one partner. Sagittarius in most cases genuinely loves his/ her Taurus partner, but the fire sign of adventure is probably what drives Sagittarius to experiment elsewhere.

The only way these two can be sure of a long lasting relationship that is characterized with lots of trust and the only way to achieve this is by first addressing the elephant in the room that is addressing their different attitudes unless they both agree to an open relationship which is very unlikely for Taurus.

 If Sagittarius can agree to stay faithful to Taurus, they can have a very meaningful relationship that has a lot of love and stability.

Taurus and Sagittarius – Sexual compatibility

This is usually the first attraction that these two have for each other. Taurus is attracted to the free spirit of the Sagittarius while Sagittarius is attracted to the loving and sensual Taurus. The adventurous and free spirit of the Sagittarius means that he/ she will be always challenging Taurus to get out of his/ her usual style of making love while on occasion they can enjoy a sensuous cuddle after passionate love making.

Deep within, these two understand each other’s needs and are able take each other to cloud nine and back. They however, need to come to an understanding of whether to remain exclusive or whether to get into an open relationship to avoid having problems.

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