Taurus and Scorpio – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

taurus scorpio compatibility

In astrology, these two signs are complete opposites of each other but in real life, they make a perfect match. However, in as much as these two are drawn towards each other, they can at times find it very difficult to stay with each other especially in the long term.

Taurus and Scorpio – Compatibility

Taurus, who is also known as the lover, is very romantic, down to earth, open and very honest about his feelings while Scorpio who is also known as the sorcerer masks his/ her emotions. For Scorpio, secrecy is a big part of love whilst for Taurus, transparency and trust are important components.

As such, Taurus has to accept some emotional secrecy from Scorpio and Scorpio too has to accept to be more open to Taurus.

Jealousy and possessiveness are a huge part in this relationship. But in this powerful and intense relationship, either partner may intentionally provoke the jealousy of the other partner in order to reassure themselves that they are truly loved. This can be very bad for a relationship as it is not psychologically healthy and may cause the offended partner to give the relationship up all together.

These two are fixed signs and will therefore hold onto their beliefs with neither of them willing to back down for the other partner. A simple disagreement can flare up into a frighteningly intense fight. Unfortunately for both Taurus and Scorpio, saying sorry is not part of their compatibility and it is very rare to hear one of the partner’s apologizing to each other.

These two are an earth and water combination which can either be good. In small doses, Taurus and Scorpio can be highly compatible. Taurus will help soak up some of Scorpio’s whirlpool of emotions and intensity while Scorpio can help free Taurus from the world of pure logic and common sense into a whole new world of emotional possibilities.

Unfortunately when each of the partners immerses him/ herself into their personalities, this can get toxic for their relationship as none is willing to compromise for the sake of the other.

The only way for this union to be successful is to come to a mutual understanding of trust and openness. Communication is also key so each partner can express their true emotions.

Taurus and Scorpio – Sexual compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio have a very intense and highly sexual relationship. Sex is their best coping mechanism and this is when they truly understand each other. In the midst of a heated argument, both Taurus and Scorpio will prefer to solve the issue at hand with a roll in the sack. This is usually driven by Scorpio who is intensely charming and magical when it comes to knowing exactly what Taurus needs.

On the other hand, Taurus is also very sensual and is good at calming Scorpio down through a slow and romantic love making session.

This relationship is often characterized with great passion, pain and intensity, explaining the reason why these relationships often don’t last very long.

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