Top Reasons why Budh Aditya yoga is not working for you

budh aditya yoga

The conjunction of Sun and Mercury forms Budh Aditya Yoga. This is a great yoga to have in a horoscope which bestows intelligence, good health, analytical, planner and strategist mind. The person has strong communication skills and is a negotiator. Below I explain why and how despite Mercury and Sun being together in a horoscope, this yoga will not be there.

Conditions under which Budh Aditya Yoga will not be there:

Those who follow Vedic astrology should remember that not every time Sun and Mercury are conjoined it will form the Auspicious Budh Aditya Yoga. One very important thing is that Mercury never moves further than 28 degrees further to the Sun. Therefore in any horoscope you will always find Mercury and Sun are conjoined. Does it mean that every Horoscope has a Budh Aditya Yoga by default. This is not so and the reason is that Budh or Mercury gets combust when less than 13 degrees with the Sun. Therefore whenever Mercury is combust it loses its own power. Therefore this yoga will not be formed when Mercury is less than 13 degrees from the Sun which makes it combust.

Another reason when this yoga is not formed is when in a horoscope Sun or Mercury are debilitated , that means Sun in Libra and Mercury in Pisces.  This Yoga is also not formed when Mercury or Sun is lord of the 6th, 8th and the 12th house, which are the trik bhavas or the malefic house.

Honestly speaking many people do not go into details when they see this yoga and that is why the native does not get the desired results.

You may watch a the below Video where Astrologer Navneet Khanna, speaks more on the Budh Aditya Yoga and explains what are the reasons that this yoga may not work for you.

35 thoughts on “Top Reasons why Budh Aditya yoga is not working for you

    1. Sun in the 7th house is not auspicious. You need to do complete horoscope matching before your son marriage.


      Navneet astrologer

  1. I have the following in my horoscope, Moon in 1st house, Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house, Venus in 7th house, Sun and Mercury in the 9th house, Mars and Rahu in the 10th house, tula raasi and tula lagna, chitra nakshatra, 3rd paada. I am doing a creative music writing project. I started the Mercury Dhasha in March this year. Do you think I will have any success in my project? Thank you.

  2. You have not provided complete birth details, However I think you have 2nd lord Mars in the 10th house and debilitated. 10th house is the karmastan the house of career and profession. It indicates that you will get success in your work after lot of efforts. Debilitated Mars and Rahu in the 10th house makes you prone to taking wrong and hasty decisions related to your work. Rahu is the planet of unexpected gains and losses. Therefore you can see big rise and fall. Remedies include reading Hanuman Chalisa Daily.


    Navneet Khanna

  3. Sir
    Thank you for your prompt reply, I really appreciate it. Here are all the planets in the horoscope.
    Lagna/Moon (1st),
    Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house
    Kethu in 5th house
    Venus in 7th house
    Sun/Mercury in 9th house
    Maandi 10th house
    Mars/Rahu in 11th house

  4. I was born on 15 September 1998, at 00.30 hours in Binauli, Uttar Pradesh, India. Notwithstanding having Buddha Aditya Yoga, I have not been able to achieve my full potential and moreover, the last three years have been pretty tough for me. Nonetheless, trying hard I have not been able to excel at anything. Can you please help me figure how what is the actual problem and how can I perform the requisite remedy?

    1. Dear Harsh the Budh aditya yoga in your horoscope is not strong as Mercury is combust. Whenever Mercury is close to Sun it gets burned and therefore Mercury cannot give its best results. Mercury is your lagan and Rashi lord and hence the most important planet in your horoscope. You should do remedies to strengthen Mercury.


      Navneet Khanna

      1. Can you please suggest any kind of specific remedy for Buddha Aditya Yoga? I will be really grateful to you.

      2. My birth date 17/08/1996 time 1:30 pm place thane n I have sun and mercury in 10th house with leo tell me about my carrer n profession sir

  5. Hi sir, My birth date was 29 th january 1985 birth time 4.35 am.One of the astrologer has mentioned on my horoscope chart that i am having budhadithya yoga presently.could you please check on my chart whether its correct or not?

  6. shree ganeshay namah, sir DOB 10.09.1971,POB VERaVaL GUJaRaT,TIME 1410 HRS. I have budhadithya yog but i see no good effects,last 3 yrs have been horribal for job, side buissness stopped heavy losses health not good not even able to meet my family expences. pls help n advice.

    1. Your 2nd house and 11th houses are powerless and you will always be short of money to meet your needs. There is no Budha Aditya Yoga in your horoscope since Mercury and Sun are in adjacent houses and not in the same house as per the Bhava chart.

  7. Sir

    I am Gaurav from Pune. My DOB is 19.02.1985, Birth Time is 5.53 Pm, Birth place is Satara (MH). I am facing very difficulty in getting married. Plz analyze my horoscope & tell me when will I get married?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. You could get married in the first half of 2018 for which there is a first class chance. Read for more insight into astrology.

  9. Hi.Sir
    DOB 29/12/1992. TIME 9:13 AM
    Place: chandrapur, Maharashtra
    I want to ask when i will get growth and success in my career and any abroad chances?

  10. My birth date 17/08/1996 time 1:30 pm place thane n I have sun and mercury in 10th house with leo tell me about my carrer n profession sir

    1. In your horoscope we see that Sun and Mercury are in the 10th house of profession. Actually Sun is in Leo its own house. However the Bhudh Aditya Yoga is weak and Sun is in the state of infancy. It is less than 1 degree. You should wear Ruby for strengthening your Sun.


      Navneet Khanna

  11. D.o.b-12/11/1992
    Place- angul odisha
    Meri shadi kob hogi kis seehogi Meri pati Kesha hoga
    Meri shadi love/arrange jogi

  12. Dear Sir,

    My job contract expires in the first week of December. Due to budget constraints my office might not renew this. Can you please let me know if I can find a new job or contract in the coming weeks.

    My details as follows
    Name – bishu kulkarni
    Birth – November 04, 1976
    Birth time – 13.38 hrs
    Birth place – Baroda, Gujarat

    Look forward to receiving your feedback.

    Thanks and regards, Bishu

  13. Hi sir,

    I have been told I can never bear a child in my life as Mercury is weak. I was also told that I will suffer extremely in life. Could you please analyse my Horoscope and share your views.
    D.o.b – 17/01/1987
    Time- 8:45 AM
    Place- Chennai

  14. Our guna milan score is 22.we have same antya nodi dosh.plz tell me the reamdies.My Dob-9/9/ west bengal.Boy dob-3/12/ west bengal.I want to know about our marrige life.plz cheak our nodi pada badha plz

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