Using astrology to find your soulmate

Using astrology to find your soulmate

Finding your soulmate in a world full of billions of people will prove to be very challenging. That is why a little help from other forces that could nudge us in the right direction should be big welcome. By taking the help of astrology to find your soulmate, you can get the best relationship that will be long lasting and satisfying both physically and mentally.

While you may need a professional astrologer to be able to read the signs properly for you, you would need at least a basic knowledge of the signs to be able to get an overview of how astrology can help you find your soulmate. The most basic thing that you should do is to be familiar with the 7 planets and the four elements of astrology: air, water, fire and earth. Each of the 12 zodiac signs that you see probably in your daily newspaper are assigned to one element and has a planet as its lord. These signs are important as each one determines the different personality and characteristic of the native. By simply understanding these signs, their lords and the element that they belong to, you can filter out all the matches that are not suitable for you very easily and be able to find the most compatible person.

As stated earlier each sign has a different personality and characteristics. It is important then to compare the compatibility of different signs with each other. Usually signs that would have the highest love match are the ones with complementing personalities. These personalities are not necessarily opposite. On the contrary that could be a recipe for disaster. Rather, signs are used to be able to choose the most compatible personalities among the different zodiac signs.

Learning about the different zodiac signs and personalities is still halfway from finding your soulmate though. You are able to eliminate some unsuitable choices however; you still have to deal with a lot of other people sharing the same sign. This would then require knowing the placement of the Sun, Moon and Venus in order to ascertain your compatibility with others. These are more complicated matters though and best done by astrologers.

The next time you look for romance and true love use the below given tips to your benefit:

  1. Look for your beloved during the Waxing Moon Phase.
  2. Know more about each other’s horoscopes. People with similar signs and friendly signs are more likely to have a wonderful and long lasting relationship.
  3. Avoid entering relationship when the lord of your 7th house is retrograde.
  4. If your attention is marriage then do not get into a relationship when Venus or Jupiter is retrograde or combust.
  5. Do not enter relationship when Mercury is retrograde as it will eventually only lead to misunderstanding and disagreements.
  6. Learn about the signs and the elements like Fire, Earth, Air and Water of your soulmate to know more about his/her personality and character.

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