Which planets to strengthen in the horoscope

Which planets to strengthen in the horoscope

The main issue in applying astrological remedial measures is to find out which planet to strengthen  as per the horoscope. There are many methods of doing this that can be complex. One of the basic principle is that a planet should generally be strengthened if it is a benefic planet but weak in the chart. The thing of caution is that we should be careful of strengthening natural malefic like Mars and Saturn  even when they are weak especially with remedial measures like gemstones, which can raise their power. Benefics when they are weak are usually safe to strengthen.

To determine which planet to strengthen, we should have a deep look at the horoscope both Natal chart as well as the Navamsha chart to calculate the benefic and malefic strength of the planets.  Besides strengthening weak planets it is helpful to strengthen the planets that rules the Ascendant that is the first house and also the 5th house and the 9th house. Stronger 1st house or the lagan, 5th house and 9th house increase the positive energy of the native.  The lagna is the Kendra and also a trine house, hence it is the most important house in the horoscope. A stronger Lagan means strong personality, strong self, less health issues.  The 5th house is the house of intelligence, a strong 5th house indicates the ability of the native to take correct decisions in life when faced with challenges.  Finally the 9th house is the bhagya stan  , it is also the house of fortune.  Stronger 9th house ensures the native enhances his luck and also fortune. A planet that is well placed and benefic can be strengthened, however it is not much helpful to strengthen benefic which are weak or ill placed in the horoscope. Some astrologers strengthen the weakest and the strongest planet in the horoscope, as long as neither one is a malefic.

Some scrutiny of the planets should be applied before any sort of astrological remedies are provided. The influence of the planet on the native has to be studied in depth.  For example even planets with similar characteristics like Sun and Mars both being fiery planets, have different influence on the native. While Sun give the native poor self image, personality a weak mars creates lack of motivation and initiative.  Many times the use of Gems  are more harmful than puja, mantra or meditation.  We should generally use the mantras to ward off the negative influence of malefic like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars and should not strengthen these planets with gems.  We should use the appropriate Mantras or make specific donations to get rid of their forces.

Yantras (Geometrical Designs)  for the planets are more of proprietary nature and do not have any side effects like gems may have and Yantras can be used by anyone. In the use of gem the quality of the gemstone is an important factor and of course not to forget the cost of quality gemstones. The second important factor is how the stone is purified and energized.  Gem should be without any flaw for it to give any favourable results.

Wearing Gems can have both the positive side and also the negative side depending upon how it is being used. Simply wearing a gem does not guarantee results till it has been energized and the use of correct remedy is the most important factor to be determined by the astrologer. For example, Diamond which is the gemstone of Venus when worn can increase worldly comforts and also the creativity of the native. If Venus is malefic then it can also increase the desire of the native towards intoxications, excessive use of alcohol and sex. Therefore the pros and cons of the gemstone has to be quantified before wearing any gemstones.


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