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Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo – Effects of Debilitated Venus in Transit

Venus is the planet of comforts and luxuries. It is called the guru of the Asuras or the demons.  It is planet of art, creativity, attraction and lust. It is the significator of marriage, sex, semen and marital life. It is a Rajasic planet and if it is strong then the native will pursue and get plenty of materialistic happiness in his life. Venus makes the native focus with the materialistic approach and the native only wants short term happiness and gains. Venus gets debilitated in Virgo which is the sign of Mercury. Debilitated Venus will bring opposite results of what an exalted Venus will bring for the native, which incidentally is in the Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter. The native with debilitated Venus will be attracted towards an extravagant lifestyle and move away from the sacredness and purity of the relationship towards a relationship only for his personal gains. Debilitated Venus will influence each sign differently depending upon the house in which the debilitation takes place.

Aries:  The native will face problems in his marital life. Support from maternal uncles will be there. Sudden deterioration of health can be there. The native will face health problems related to diabetes, sex related problems can also be there. Cases in court may get delayed or not bring in favorable results. Problems on the legal front and from enemies can also be there.

Taurus: Problems on the relationship front are imminent during this period as Venus is debilitated in the 5th house. Misunderstanding and confusion can also be there. It is best to avoid any one to meddle in your affairs. You need to give your relationship some time before it can regain strength again. You generally like to dress well and be spic and span however during this period will be highly casual.  Some of you will be inclined towards educational pursuits.

Gemini:  Health issues in relation to your mother could be there. Some of you may be moving out from your residence for a brief period. Distant journey cannot be ruled out for some. Professional break that you have been expecting might get delayed. This is certainly not the best period for speculation, however wise investment will ensure you gains.  

Cancer:  Your energy will be down in the coming period and you will postpone everything for tomorrow.   The native will face problems in relation to health. Lack of initiative and self confidence. Support from friends and co-borns will not be there. People will promise more and do little. The native may be inclined towards women of from the lower strata of society.

Leo: Financial difficulties will surmount only with hard work and determination. The native will earn a lot but will spend away most of it. The native will waste money by supporting others. Family support to self will be little. The native will despite all problems live like a king; he will be undeterred by hardships.

Virgo:  Married life will face problems. Health needs care and the native might suffer from diabetes, joint pains, muscle problems, premature ejaculation. The native might be attracted to member of the opposite sex other than his/her own spouse. The native will gains wealth, fame and appreciation through his art and creative ventures. Money gains are there through wise investments.

Libra: The native will remain sick and will spend more on hospital and medication during this period. He will face issues with his eyesight as well. The native may lose money through theft, cheating and extravagant lifestyle.  Distant travel may be undertaken. Temporary separation from family can also be there. Investment is any needs to be done with extreme care.

Scorpio: The native will suffer on account of his attraction towards members of the opposite sex. He /she will have multiple relationships mostly one night stands.  It is not a period of satisfaction and contentment.  Although he will be well educated and have good and wise social circle, he will remain very secretive and be the only one who knows what he /she wants to do. The native may tend to be penny wise and pound foolish as he will leave small things unnoticed while only focusing on large issues.  

Sagittarius: The native will face tremendous issues professionally and there may be a loss of position, authority and financial gains. Although the native will be talented and highly competent, however this period success will shy away and he will not receive recognition for his work. Financially it will a tight period and expenses at home will see a rise. Health of mother may need attention during this period.

Capricorn: The native will be unsuccessful in his ventures. Results that were expected might get delayed or not bring the results as desired. Distant travel may be there but not bring satisfactory results. Sudden expenses will rise and saving will be less. He may not get support from father during this period.

Aquarius: Health issues take prominence. He will not have many friends supporting his during this period. Expenses will be high hampering the native’s effort to save. Conditional support from people will be there. Overall this transit is not favorable at all.

Pisces: Differences with spouse may ruin the relationship. Health may suffer due to stress and tension. Relationship with someone outside the caste / race can be there.  The native will try to use his charms to extract favors and benefits from members of the opposite sex. 

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  1. You know nothing about astrology. Venus is tamasik and all the nakshatras it rules are ugra nakshatra. Also, venus in Pisces means devotion to god, almighty like meera, raadhaa. Debilitated venus is best for getting money. Lakshmi puja, kali puja occurs when venus is debilitated.

  2. Why do you want to display your ignorance. You have no clue about the evaluation of a horoscope. Read my blog to get some insight into astrological evaluation.

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